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Wetout Spray Adjuvant 1L

Wetout Spray Adjuvant 1L

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Wetout Spray Adjuvant presents a distinctive formulation consisting of surfactants derived from vegetables, surpassing expectations. Its versatile performance significantly enhances various spray treatments for turf management, such as miticides, foliar fertilisers, pigments, and growth regulators.

The advantages of using Wetout Spray Adjuvant 1Liters are as follows:

  • Enhanced Spreading – Improved coverage
  • Optimized Deposition – More product reaching the intended target
  • Reduced Drift – Minimized losses and improved adherence to regulations
  • Enhanced herbicide performance – Diminished weed presence
  • Minimal usage rates – Reduced need for handling and storage, leading to cost efficiency
  • Environmentally sustainable – Biodegradable properties

In scenarios involving turf, achieving proper coverage of spray droplets, and ensuring effective contact with target plants are crucial factors for the optimal performance of products. 

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