• Family owned

    Jimboomba Turf Group is a family-owned and operated company leading the industry in growing and supplying turf grass. Established in 1973, we quickly rose as leaders in supplying quality grasses and delivering the best aftercare advice and support.

    We pride ourselves on developing innovative products, leading the way in bringing emerging trends into the world of turf, and helping people create a lawn to love and build memories on every day.
  • Our Promise

    At Jimboomba Turf Group our promise is to use our industry-leading knowledge and experience to grow and supply the best turf grass, supported by best-in-class customer service, efficiently and responsibly to every customer. Giving every customer access to the best and most suitable lawn every time. We do this because we want every person to have the opportunity to have a beautiful outdoor space where they can play, create memories and be in nature.
  • Our Vision

    To provide and guide the development of green spaces for every Australian home - where memories are created with friends and family and to better the planet...

    Our Mission

    To continue to be Australia’s leading and most trusted producer of high-quality turf grass, consistently providing lawns that are loved to families big and small.
  • A Lawn You'll Love

    You are able to collect your small turf orders from our Sales Centre at 228 Brookland Road, Allenview, QLD or make use of our extensive reseller network, including all Bunnings Stores. These services are complemented by our delivery system, meaning we provide ease and convenience when you purchase turf and products from Jimboomba Turf Group.

    Our world class production facilities in the Scenic Rim region feature the latest in turf grass production equipement, producing millions of metres of turf every year. Our entire operation is engineered to ensure that you receive turf grass and services of the highest quality. We employ the very best production team, along with our sales, logistics and administration staff to ensure that your Jimboomba Turf experience is one of ease and quality.

    We are proud to be a part of the turf and green solutions for so many people and companies. Contact us on (07) 3113 9071 to find out how we can provide you green solutions.

Our Story

  • Where It Started

    Jimboomba Turf was first established in 1973 on 200 acres alongside the Logan River on Cusack Lane at Jimboomba, Queensland Australia.

    In 1980, Ray Davidson was sitting under a tree, reading newspaper the lunch was wrapped in, alongside his son Lynn, whilst taking a break from the blistering Western Queensland heat. They were working on a water bore on their sheep and cattle property that day when Ray saw an advertisement in the paper for a turf farm that was for sale in Jimboomba. “Plenty of water”, it read. Something that was in short supply in western Queensland

    During a trip to Brisbane, shortly after that sunny day under the tree, Ray felt compelled to visit the property. He phoned his son Lynn and said it’s on a river that never runs out of water! By July 1981, Ray and Lynn Davidson had sold Manfred and moved themselves and their family to the ‘big smoke’ to start turf farming.

    Coming from a family of hard workers, that life on the land inherently brings out in people, both worked hard to grow that small turf farm (that only supplied the grass that just grew naturally on the ground) into the name you can trust in turf today (that supplies some of the leading and most trusted grass varieties around).
  • The Business Today

    Lynn, always being an innovative thinker, helped bring about the concept of introducing new grass varieties to the market. These varieties brought with them better traits for the South East Climate and versatility for the different soils in the area. Such grasses include the Winter Green Couch variety ‘Nullarbor’ and the ever favourite soft leaf Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo; both have stood the test of time and influx of different varieties over the years.

    In 1988 Lynn’s younger sister, Cherie, joined the business and, over time, became the administrative backbone of the company. With Ray’s passing in 1999, Cherie took ownership alongside Lynn.

    Together, with an amazing team of long standing loyal staff alongside them, they took on Australia and the world and have sent turf products to most parts of Australia, Middle East, and many parts of Asia, for various Golf Course projects over the years.

    One of the key strengths of the business over some 40 years has been the tenure of many of the staff, some of which are still with us today, this incredible depth of knowledge is drawn upon daily for the benefit of our customers.
  • The New Farm

    In 2008 another 300-acre farm was purchased further upstream on the Logan River at Allenview, in the lovely Scenic Rim region. This property was dubbed the Allenview Production Facility and the name remains today. This farm’s soil composition is predominantly heavy black clay and is now where all our turf is grown after the Cusack Lane farm was sold in 2020. So whilst we technically don’t have a farm in Jimboomba anymore we’re still very much apart of the Jimboomba community, being just up the road and up the river. The reduction in land size has seen the company reduce in size and focus’s now predominately on supplying premium grass varieties to our beloved retail customers new and old, our trusted landscapers and our major client Bunnings.

  • The Team Today

    In 2020 the Davidson family and the business lost Cherie after a long battle with Ovarian Cancer, this was a huge loss to the business.

    This saw Lynn’s daughter Renee return to the business in 2021 after a 15-year-long career with the Queensland Police Service. Her wife Alana also made the jump into the family business.

    Renee (having grown up in the business of turf) feels a deep connection to the company, its people and its reason for existence. The pair bring fresh and renewed energy to the business with the same values that have set us apart from the pack. Aside from building this thriving family business, the Jimboomba Turf group was a founding member of Lawn Solutions Australia. The largest network of turf growers across Australia.

    The Jimboomba Turf Group has also been at the forefront of erosion solutions over the years and was one of the early pioneers of the hydro mulching techniques we see today. But the core business of growing and supplying innovative turf grasses remains the backbone.


Jimboomba Turf saw like-minded pioneers in Bunnings Warehouse. They started working with them soon after they first came to Queensland in the late 1990’s. Together, pioneering instant lawn in big box hardware stores.

Fast forward to 2022 and with a dedicated team working directly with Bunnings, the relationship has grown from strength to strength. Jimboomba Turf Group now exclusively supplies Bunnings stores from Morayfield in the north, Dalby, Toowoomba and Warwick to the west, Lismore and Ballina to the south and everywhere in between. They have even assisted with product shortages for other regions as far away as Sydney.  

Our Major Partners