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A new frontier for Jimboomba Turf Group, as the first turf production company in Australia to bring you an after care service that supports the ongoing nutritional health of the lawn you love.

What services does Green Beacon Provide?

Designed to unlock the full potential of your lawn with our specialised lawn care services. Achieve a healthy and thriving landscape with our industry-leading expertise. We offer a service for all levels of experience and budgets to help you maintain a lawn you'll love and create a green beacon. Read more about the different services below. Pricing displayed is per month for the tiered services.

  • Our Always Free Service

    • Entry-Level Turf Care Package free with every new premium lawn purchase (so excludes Nullarbor Couch)
    • Inspection on delivery day or the following day*
    • Establishment maintenance guide specific to your new lawns variety
    • Support available through calls and emails
    • Regular monthly updates via our monthly newsletters

    *subject to seasonal demand.

  • Advice & Product Support Package (Tier 2)

    • Individualized guidance for lawn maintenance and lawn care product recommendations
    • 5% Off our lawn care products
    • Seasonal on-site inspections, four times annually
    • Complimentary lawn care product delivery during on-site visits
    • If required, get 1 single consultation service for free per year outside of the 4 seasonal visits.
    • 5% Off on any additional consultation services if required.
    • $75 AUS per month

    Perfect if you want to master your lawn yourself but are after the guidance and support along the way.

  • The Ultimate Package (Tier 3)

    • All of the previous tiers
    • Monthly Nutrient Pack Supplied and applied
    • Root builder
    • Liquid Fertiliser
    • Soil wetter
    • Granular Fertiliser
    • Pest and Weed Pre Emergent
    • Post applications for weeds
    • Post application for Fungal
    • $150 AUS per month

    You just need to water and mow your lawn, we do the rest.

  • On-site One-Off Consultation

    • On site Visit
    • Diagnosis and Treatment (*if applicable)
    • Advice and recommendations
    • Lawn Program advice
    • Education on Products
    • 5% Discount Lawn products at time of visit
    • $75 AUS one off payment per visit.
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