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Oxafert Plus 20kg Bag

Oxafert Plus 20kg Bag

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Combination pre emergent herbicide, insecticide and fertiliser for pre-emergent control of summer grass, crowsfoot grass, winter grass and creeping oxalis and curative control of African black beetle, Argentinian scarab and billbug in turf with the added benefit of a fertiliser to feed turf.

Warm season turfgrass areas, including fairways, golf tees, municipal sports fields, industrial and lawns.


Lawn Solutions Oxafert Plus Herbicide, Insecticide and Fertiliser is a convenient ready to use formulation for the control of certain annual grass weeds and insect pests in turf with added benefit of providing a fertiliser treatment.


Apply using a properly calibrated granular applicator which will apply the granules in a uniform pattern. Uniform application is essential for satisfactory weed control. Calibrate the applicator prior to use according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and check applicator frequently to ensure the equipment is working properly. After application, ensure granules are washed or brushed off the foliage, particularly the foliage of prostrate and dense ground-cover plants. DO NOT apply the granules when the foliage is wet.

Application must be made before weeds have begun to germinate. Established weeds will not be controlled.


  • Pre-emergent control of Summer Grass and Crowsfoot - 3KG/100M2
  • Pre-emergent control of Winter Grass and Creeping Oxalis - 4KG/100M2
  • Aftrican Black Beetle Larvae, Argentinian Scarab Larvae and Billbug Larvae - 3KG/100M2

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