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Mancozeb DG Contact Fungicide 2kg

Mancozeb DG Contact Fungicide 2kg

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Controls fungal diseases in lawns – Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Helminthosporium and Grey Leaf Spot.

A water-dispersible fungicide for the control of certain fungal diseases of fruit, vegetables, ornamentals and turf.

Apply as a protective spray schedule at 7-day intervals throughout the susceptible season/climate.

Mancozeb Benefits

    • Economical protection from downy mildew, rust, brown rot, black spot, anthracnose, botrytis, blights and leaf spot and mites in certain registered crops.
    • Can be used as an effective resistance management tool when rotated with other mode of action fungicides.
    • A dry formulation that disperses rapidly in water
    • Can be applied in tank mixes with a wide range of other chemicals and/or fertilisers
You mix this in water: 

Application rate – 200-250g/100m² in 5-10lts water.

Mancozeb DG SDS

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