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Lawn Launcher 900g

Lawn Launcher 900g

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Apply this magic mix of fertiliser and Moisture Magnets Premium Water Crystals to your soil first to give your new lawn a superior start. Whether you’re laying a new lawn, growing one from seed, or even planting a new garden, Launcher supplies essential nutrients for strong plant, and root establishment.

*NOTE - Not to be used directly on top of turf, it is designed to be applied to soil prior to the lawn being installed. This product requires you to turn it through your soil, as it has water crystals in it that if not far enough into the soil profile will simply come up through your freshly laid turf once you start watering in your turf.*

Lawn Launcher contains a high-quality fertiliser providing the nutrients your new lawn needs for the best start. Plus, moisture magnets reduce the risks involved in lawn establishment or plants dying off during water restrictions or extreme heat. Moisture magnets are free flowing white granules that resemble sugar crystals when dry. When wet, they will swell dramatically to become super absorbent. The collected water is then released to your lawn when it needs it.

Get your lawn established with Lawn Launcher Starter Fertiliser.

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