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Amgrow Chemspray Winter Grass Killer 100mL Bottle

Amgrow Chemspray Winter Grass Killer 100mL Bottle

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Selective herbicide for the control of Winter Grass in lawn turf. Mixes readily with water for easy application. Breaks down quickly so there's no residue left in the soil.

Selective Winter Grass control in Blue Couch, Common Couch, Bent, Buffalo (including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo) and Brown top Lawns.

  • Cannot be used on kikuyu or fescue lawns.
  •  2-3 applications required.
  • Active constituent: 175g/L Endothal as the Dipotassium Salt.
  • Will treat 200m2 in total.

Should be applied with a fine spray as soon as the winter grass appears and before it has a chance to flower and set seed.

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