Is your turf fit for purpose?

Is your turf fit for purpose?


What has changed?

Traditionally, the Australian backyard was characterized by a quarter-acre block. However, during the 1990s, housing trends evolved. Homes became more substantial, while blocks shrank, casting more shade on backyard areas. In the past, yards were adorned with couch grass, mowed short for cricket pitches. Now, there's a shift towards using Sir Grange Zoysia, which is perfect for small courtyards and backyards due to its fine leaf structure. It thrives with just 2-3 hours of direct sunlight (once established) and requires up to 50% less mowing.

Shade is a Significant Challenge

One of the primary challenges faced by Nullarbor Green Couch grass is its voracious appetite for direct sunlight. Research shows that it demands a minimum of 6 hours of daily direct sunlight. While open spaces like footpaths might enjoy this level of sun exposure, enclosed backyard lawns rarely receive as much sunlight. Hence, couch grass is not "fit for purpose" in yards with limited daily sunlight. An excellent alternative is DNA-certified Sir Walter Buffalo, which thrives with as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight.



Fit for Purpose: Choosing the Right Lawn

Just as we meticulously select our front door, prioritizing factors like security and strength, we should apply the same diligence when choosing a new or replacement lawn. Performance should be the driving factor, ensuring it is fit for its intended purpose.

The Cost of Inappropriate Turf Selection

While selecting the cheapest turf might seem cost-effective initially, it can result in increased lifetime expenses for lawn maintenance and the potential need for lawn replacement. Both homeowners and builders must pay closer attention to the conditions a new lawn will face, with a particular emphasis on climatic conditions, especially shade, rather than solely focusing on the price. TifTuf Bermuda grass is a premium drought-resistant variety, known for its low water usage and excellent wear tolerance, making it an ideal choice for many yards in Australia.

Enhancing viability

A focus on fit-for-purpose lawn types can significantly enhance the viability of green spaces in modern backyards. Parents already face the challenge of getting children to spend more time outdoors and less time in front of screens. Choosing the right turf can eliminate the added complication of dusty, worn-out lawns that struggle to thrive in the shade.

For more information on turf varieties that are best suited for their intended purpose, take a look at our turf varieties chart.


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