• Turf installation cost & services

    Professional Turf grass installation is the final step to getting your new lawn. While our reputation as high-quality turf suppliers is well known, many people don’t realise that their freshly harvested quality turf can also be supplied and installed using our expert turf laying services.

    For those who don’t have the time or skills to lay turf or simply don’t want the hassle of putting turf down in their backyard, they will usually turn to experts to help them with their new lawn project. However, many people think they need to speak to a landscaper or engage a landscaping company despite the grass turf installation cost. But you don’t always get the expertise you need despite the quoted turf installation price or the level of promises made.

    You will only ever get the lush green lawn that you dreamed of if your turf delivery, turf installation and after lawn care are in sync.

    Your Brisbane turf supply and install solution? Let the people who grew the grass, harvested it, transported it to you and who know your grass best install your new turf project!

    Our turf installation services include removal of your existing lawn, site preparation and all laying services and grass installation.
  • Expert Lawn Turf Laying Services Brisbane

    We have been well known for our great service growing, selling and installing premium quality turf varieties for over 45 years in and around South East Queensland. As industry leading turf suppliers and layers, our team prides itself on using this unmatched experience to deliver the best result for each and every one of our jobs.

    When it comes to laying new turf, understanding the varying weather conditions and soils is important. You will need help from service providers with experience before any turf installation results in a beautiful lawn.

    Just as we are committed to the quality of each premium turf variety that we grow and deliver, our turf installation services also reflect that commitment. Don’t get just any lawn, get a Jimboomba Turf Lawn.
  • Sports, Schools & Commercial Turf Installation Cost & Services

    Over our 45 years in business, Jimboomba Turf has become a leading name as quality commercial turf suppliers. We have experience with a diverse range of turf projects, from schools to golf courses, parks, iconic tourist locations and busy places of trade. In fact, we have an arsenal of specialised close turf installation and maintenance equipment at our disposal.
  • Commercial and public spaces

    Our work has included iconic and high foot traffic locations such as the Breakfast Creek Hotel and the Southbank Parklands Brisbane Sign (using Tiftuf Bermuda), Southbank Parklands and the Westlake footpath repair (using Nullarbor Couch) and in and around Yeronga parks (Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo) just to name a few. View our gallery to find out more.
  • Sporting fields and golf courses

    Our work is found on sporting fields and venues across South East Queensland. The positive reputation we have gained for our sports turf grass installation and surface construction is still unequalled.

    Our work includes local and international golf courses, sporting fields, schools and sporting stadiums. View our projects to find out more.

    Like to know more about turf installation costs? Talk to us for a turf installation price for your next project – large or small – or contact our team today on (07) 3114 8281 or email us at info@jimboombaturf.com.au
  • Request a free turf laying quote

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  • Turf installation Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and beyond

    Do you live out of the city and are looking for the installation of turf Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast, from Brisbane’s west to Toowoomba and the Scenic Rim, in the east or south to the Gold Coast?

    We don’t just offer a turf laying service in Brisbane suburbs. Our experienced team can do turf installation on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

    And our service can be tailored to your needs. We offer a full preparation and installation service, an installation on your prepared surface service as well as just a turf supply and deliver service.
  • Expert close turfing installation

    No yard is complete without the lush green grass of a new lawn inviting you onto the property. However, a new lawn requires expert site preparation along with professionals in close turfing to establish the grass slabs.

    Close turfing is the method used to plant each of the grass slabs without gaps between each other, giving you a complete lawn area made up of billions of individual plants.

    It’s an art and best left to the experts who understand lawn supply and installation. Each of the turf slabs are skilfully placed together.

    Talk to us about the average cost of turf installation to get your Lawn Solutions Australia recommended grasses laid and established, ensuring you have the best lawn in the street.

    Don’t know how to measure up your lawn or the square metres you should be ordering? Check out our Turf Calculator.
  • DIY Turf Installations

    If you want to take the cost-effective option to do the work yourself we have guides for preparation for laying turf as well as how to lay turf.

    However, when trying to install turf yourself, there are some things to consider:

    • Whatever turf variety you have ordered, remember that it is living. You need to get onto your turf laying as soon as your natural turf is delivered.
    • Not wanting your turf delivered? The lawn cost could rise without you realising it. While you are most welcome to pick up from our Acacia Ridge address, the weight of large turf orders will be way beyond the capacity of what your trailer can hold. By example, a pallet of Sir Walter turf weighs roughly 1.2 tonnes which is higher than the load rating of many domestic trailers.
    • For the best turf grass installation result, the area where you are installing your new lawn must be prepared, including removing the existing lawn. Our expert team recommends a total weedkiller like Roundup. You will need to wait a week before you rotary hoe the prepared area and spread topsoil.
    • Don’t forget to top dress every square metre once your lawn installation is completed. A new lawn should be top dressed with medium washed river sand about six weeks to two months after the install.

    No matter how handy you are in the garden, you need expert advice to achieve a great looking lawn. For more information visit our store FAQ.