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Where achieving a magnificent lawn is effortless. We specialize in providing comprehensive lawn care services, so all you need to do is mow and water. Let us take care of the rest, ensuring your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood

Our Green Beacon is more than just lawn care; it's a promise of beauty and health for your lawn. Our team of experts will handle all the essential lawn care tasks, allowing you to enjoy a lush, vibrant lawn throughout the year

  • Ease of Care

    Simply mow and water your lawn; we'll manage everything else from nutrient management to pest control.

  • Professional Expertise

    Our team brings knowledge and experience to ensure your lawn stays in perfect condition.

  • Consistent Quality

    Regularly scheduled services to maintain your lawn's health and appearance.

  • Your Role

    • Mowing Keep your grass neatly trimmed at your convenience.
    • Watering Provide regular watering, and we’ll handle the rest for a thriving lawn.
  • Subscription Benefits

    • Tailored Lawn Care Plans Each plan is customised to fit the unique needs of your lawn.
    • Adaptive Services We adjust our services with the changing seasons to ensure year-round lawn health.
    • Dedicated Support Priority assistance and advice are always available for our subscribers.

How to Subscribe

  1. Initial Consultation Contact us for a free assessment of your lawn’s needs
  2. Customised Lawn Care Plan We develop a plan that's just right for your lawn
  3. Sit Back and Enjoy Relax and take pride in a consistently beautiful lawn with minimal effort.

Damian Fox

Customer Relationship & Advisory Specialist - Green Beacon Division

We are thrilled to welcome Damian Fox as the newest member of our team at Jimboomba Turf Group, taking on the pivotal role of Customer Relationship & Advisory Specialist. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the turf management industry, Damian brings a wealth of expertise and a genuine passion for greenkeeping to our team.

Damian's journey began at the prestigious Australian Golf Club in Sydney, where his skills and dedication quickly set him apart. Known for his level-headed approach to problem-solving and exceptional leadership, Damian has consistently demonstrated his ability to manage high-pressure situations with ease and finesse. His commitment to excellence was further evident during his tenure in Fiji, where he adeptly navigated the challenges of cyclone recovery, showcasing his resilience and ability to think on his feet.  

A true advocate for continuous learning, Damian has always sought to expand his knowledge and skills, investing early in his career in professional development. His proactive approach to education has not only benefitted his career but also enriched those around him, with a track record of running workshops and fostering a culture of learning within his teams.  

Beyond his technical abilities, Damian is celebrated for his strong commitment to teamwork and collaboration. His former colleagues and managers highlight his natural leadership and his knack for motivating and managing people, ensuring that everyone feels valued and empowered.  

At Jimboomba Turf Group, we are confident that Damian will be instrumental in driving the success of our Green Beacon Lawn Care Service. His expertise, coupled with his infectious enthusiasm for turf, promises to inspire our team and clients alike.  

Welcome to the team, Damian! We look forward to achieving new heights together.

Discover how Our Green Beacon has made lawn care a breeze for our satisfied customers in South East Queensland

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Phone: (07) 3113 9143

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Answers to Your Questions

Find out more about Our Green Beacon and how we can simplify your lawn care routine in our comprehensive FAQ section.

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Can I buy now and pay later?

Not for this particular service. This is a monthly in person service that is subscription based that you can pay either monthly or annually. The price will be determined at your initial consultation.

Why can't I buy this service online?

Our Green Beacon program is tailored to your lawn and every lawn is different. Things such as the size of your lawn, your location, the type of lawn you have and what you want out of the program are all considerations that make this a completely tailored service.

What products will you use on my lawn?

Our Green Beacon is apart of the Jimboomba Turf Group, so we have access to all the highest of quality products used by Turf Grass Professionals. Some of the products we may use are not available to the residential market but offer superior nutrition or pesticide control. We will work with you if you require a complete eco-friendly program as well, whilst there are some limitations to pest control in this space still, we're always on the lookout for new or improved non-chemical alternatives to manage pests and diseases in lawns.

How often will you visit my lawn?

For most customers we will visit your lawn on a monthly basis to deliver our lawn care program for your lawn. Plus it makes sure everything is going to plan and we can keep on top of any issues that can sneak in after events such as rain, excessive heat, cold weather or even an excessive wear event.

However, we can do quarterly visits and just deliver the essentials such as slow release fertiliser, long acting lawn grub control and a pre-emergent herbicide, which can inhibit most of the common weeds from germinating.

Do I need to be home during your visit?

No you do not. As long as we have access to where we need to go and access to water which we may need from time to time, then we are good to go. We will leave a message in your mail box on what we've applied during the visit and let you know if you need to do anything after our visit, such as apply water to wash a product we've applied into your lawn for example.

Are the products used safe for my pets?

For the majority of the lawn care program yes.

We will ask you during your consultation if you have pets and if they use the lawn.

The nutrition aspect of the program we use is completely safe for your pets... however our kelp product is pretty smelly on application and dogs just love rolling in it if it hasn't been watered in and dried... so there is that, but it is safe.

If there is a chemical based product that we believe needs to be applied to correct an issue occurring in your lawn where pets need to be kept off the area for a certain period of time (usually no more then a few hours) we will consult with you first.

My lawn is full of everything, can you fix it?

We can fix most things over time. We have the experience, equipment and products to do so. However there are some things that are challenging to achieve and that is if you have different types of grasses in your lawn.

For example, if you have a buffalo lawn and you have couch in it, to keep the Buffalo lawn, there is no magic on the market that selectively removes couch grasses from Buffalo. The only approach here is to poison the couch, dig it out and replace with your desired buffalo grass.

Another scenario is that you have different types of couch in your lawn. Similar problem.

However, sometimes if the lawn is heavy, weed and pest free, those cosmetic issues are just that, cosmetic.

How quickly can you start?

Give us a call or fill in the form and let's get cracking on that free consult!