Taking Care of the Lawn in Summer

Summertime means more time outdoors. Playing with the kids, cooking on the BBQ and games of cricket all add up to lots of time spent on the lawn. The heat is also at its peak and that can stress your lawn as well. But you can provide care for your lawn in summer that will see it through this busy time of year, looking great.

Keeping the Lawn Mowed

Mowing is one of those summertime activities you really love to do or you hate. But it has to be done. One thing to take a look at is the length of the grass. Many times people cut their lawn very short thinking they won’t have to mow as often. While this may be true it is not healthy for your lawn. You don’t want to cut Sir Walter too short. A shorter lawn tends to need more water and the soil gets hotter with a shorter lawn. A good height for the mower is about 40mm.

Only Take Off the Top

Whenever you do mow you want to remove no more than 1/3 off the leaf. If you remove more than that it stresses the lawn, which can cause it to go to seed. If you are away and the grass really needs cut more than that then do it in small cuts over a period of a couple of days. Don’t cut it down to the quick right away. And if your lawn tends to look white after you have mowed it then it is time to sharpen your mower blades. Dull blades tear the leaves leaving the white look.

Summer Fertilising

Fertilising at the beginning of summer will help your lawn get through the year better. Sir Walter Fertiliser is a good choice as it is a slow-release one. It provides all the nutrients and minerals, like potassium and nitrogen that your lawn needs to grow lush and healthy. If you know your lawn is healthy then apply at the rate the bag suggests. If you are not sure take a small patch and double the amount and see how it does. If it improves the look and health then you know you need more than recommended.

When to Water

Do not water every day. It is much better to water less often and deeper. You really only want to water weekly. Let the watering system you are using run for about an hour. When you water like this, deeper but less often, the grass grows deep roots and can handle the drought times much better as a result. Applying a wetting agent can help the soil absorb the water so that is something you might want to consider. Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker is a good choice and is easy to apply to the yard. You simply clip the bottle onto the hose and spray it on the lawn.

Controlling Weeds

Keeping your lawn growing well prevents weeds as it crowds them out and they can’t get a foothold. But weeds sometimes pop up no matter what you do. Sir Walter Weed Control can help if that happens to you. Once everything is all taken care of on the lawn you can relax and enjoy your lawn.

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