Summer Lawns are Built in Winter

Summer Lawns are Built in Winter

The cooler months have well and truly arrived, and the gym is telling us that our Summer bodies are also made in Winter…but what they are forgetting is the most important thing, that summer lawns are made in Winter! So, if on chilly mornings you dream of sunbathed coffees on the lawn, or when the sun sets early, you’re longing for that balmy sunset drink on the grass with a mate, then now is the time to get active and prep that summer lawn!

There are a few relatively simple things you can do this weekend. To give your grass the jump start it needs to be thick, soft and lush come spring.

Clean Up

When the days are short and cold, the motivation to get out and clean up can be low, but sticks and leaves lying on the lawn can cause the grass to struggle to get the sun and airflow it needs to grow. So drag out the blower, or grab that rake and tidy the grass. The added bonus is that sensible sun exposure for humans is equally important during Winter, so bank some vitamin D for yourself while you're at it!

Mow with Care

Now while you're out there, you might notice the lawn is due for a trim. During Winter, you can and should keep mowing, but we recommend keeping the length a little longer (so get those blades up higher). This is because the grass grows slower in Winter, and we don't want to risk scalping it when it doesn't have the sun it needs to grow back quickly.

Look out for Invaders

Winter's slowed growth means that some unwanted friends of lawns can make themselves at home; these unwelcome house guests, commonly known as weeds, use Winter as their chance to take hold in your lovely lawn. Oxa-Fert or Oxa-Pro will be your friends at this time, as prevention is the key and Spot removal works best for small outbreaks.

Create Space and Share a Meal

So you've cleaned it up and given it a trim, while you're on a roll, why not give that lawn a little air – cold days make for hard ground, and winter lawns are often quite compacted (especially if it gets a lot of human or animal foot traffic). So bring out the aerator, create some space, and then offer your lawn a lovely meal in the form of a fertiliser. This will help nourish and nurture the beautiful green space you have created, ensuring it has everything it needs to flourish once spring arrives.  A liquid feed like Lawn Kelper or Exceed is great at this time of year – Liquid feeds have are best in winter as they’re taken up better and easier by the leaf.

Now, as you sip your hot cocoa and watch your breath float in the crisp winter air, take a moment to appreciate the efforts you have put into your lawn. While others may be hibernating, you're laying the foundation for a summer oasis. Soon enough, the sun will shine, and your grass will be a lush carpet begging for bare feet and impromptu picnics.

Don't underestimate the power of winter in shaping your dream lawn. Embrace the cold, channel your inner lawn artist, and watch as your neighbours marvel at the transformation. Remember, my fellow lawn connoisseurs, summer lawns are not mere accidents; they are the result of your winter labour of love.

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