Create and Maintain Your Lawn During Autumn

Autumn Care

Autumn is one of the most important times of the year to create and maintain your lawn to ensure it is lush and beautiful. It is around this time that it starts raining more frequently, and depending upon where you live, it can potentially be more than expected. This has a positive effect on the growth of your lawn. It is also under these wet conditions that grub problems with start to develop because the rain is increasing their activity. Most often, grub infestations affect an entire neighbourhood. The best thing you can do for your lawn if you see grub activity is to treat it with Sir Walter’s Grub Control as quickly as possible. By using Sir Walter products provided by Jimboomba Turf , you can be assured that you are protecting your valuable lawn from both pesky grubs and destructive armyworms.

Preparing for Winter

While keeping an eye out for the approaching winter season, and colder conditions, autumn is the perfect time of year to feed your lawn. If you are able, use Easter as a deadline for having your lawn treated and fertilised for the best protection against the winter’s cold. Be sure to be generous with the water as you are with the Sir Walters fertiliser, as regularly watering after applying the treatment should be done until your ground is somewhat soft. The excess water helps the root system to receive the fertiliser from above, ensuring your lawn gets the maximum nutritional benefit.

With the most active time of the growing season past in autumn, this is the time to be sure your mowing has been adjusted to accommodate the new growth schedule. As we mentioned, while your lawn will continue to grow during the fall season, the rate of growth will be greatly reduced from its summer growth patterns, therefore, you need to cut back on your lawn mowing frequency. It’s also a good idea to raise your mower up a notch and leave the lawn slightly higher than you did for the summer. With the slower growing cycle you will find that half the amount of mowing you did in the summer will suffice just fine.

Following this Sir Walter autumn schedule will help you to create the lush and green lawn that you desire and ensure you are ready for the winter season with a healthy green, fertilised yard.

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