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Can I Lay Turf In Winter & What Precautions Do I Take?

Laying turf in winter can sound like a task too impossible.

The reality is this can be done, but the one consideration you need to factor in when you lay turf in winter is that your new lawn, renovated lawn, or the long-awaited lawn repairs will take longer to grow as there is less sunlight, which affects the turf’s growth process.


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Being part of the subtropical zone, South East Queensland’s weather is perfect for laying turf during both Autumn and Winter.

This zone rarely frosts and has an average annual lowest temperature of 10°C.

Being also mild and dry in this zone means that it is perfect to lay turf any time of the year.


Winters advantage to summer is the cooler days. Whilst during summer, both you and your turf dry out quickly.

Winter is quite the opposite, both you and your turf will stay fresher for longer. You will have to get turf down as quick as possible during summer.

Whereas in winter you can work at a more comfortable pace. We still recommend that you lay turf on the same day in all seasons. This will avoid turf heating up on the pallet.

Water is also a major advantage for the establishment of your lawn. With summer having hotter weather, your ground will dry out faster and you will require more water frequently during early establishment. Less water will be required for establishment during winter, which will help save you and your money.


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A significant problem with laying turf in winter is the longer establishment period.

A lawn in summer will establish faster in around three to four weeks. However, during winter, it will take five to six weeks.

Keeping traffic and delaying your mowing schedule during this time will be key to establishing your lawn quickly.

Preparation is the key for a long lasting lawn so by ensuring the correct foundation, you can create a green space that suits your lifestyle, in the long term.

By preparing the surface correctly before you receive your turf, you will reduce your chances of getting weeds in your new lawn. This can be achieved with a secondary application of weed killer seven to ten days prior to laying the turf.

If any weeds have “gone to seed” or are in germination, you will need to apply a pre-emergent such as Lawn Solutions OxaFert to both fertilise and control weeds, in one single application.

One 3KG bag of Lawn Solutions OxaFert treats up to 100m².


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