The Attack of the Lawn Grubs

Nothing can be more discouraging than to see your lawn is under attack by lawn grubs. But there are things you can do that can treat the problem and eliminate the grubs. There are a variety of insects that come under the term of lawn grubs and some of them are army worms and sod web worms. They all are the larvae of adults and do their damage while in the growing stage. This is when they munch heavily on your lawn and do the most damage.

Counter Attacking

The important thing is to deal with the problem immediately. Lawn grubs feed at night and can damage up to 30cms of your lawn in that time frame. They are worse during the warmer months of the year and especially following heavy rains. Kikuyu and Couch grasses are especially prone to lawn warms with Buffalo being the most resistant. Because they move fast and lay a huge number of eggs ignoring the problem can mean real problems for your lawn.

Best Products to Use

You are going to need an insecticide such as Lawn Lovers Grub Guard. It’s a fast-acting insecticide and is available locally through nurseries, turf farmers or online. Read the instructions carefully for use and safety precautions. Every insecticide has different directions to be used effectively so make sure you follow the guidelines.

Best Time to Treat Your Lawn

Lawn grubs get busy doing their damage at night and burrow under the soil throughout the day. So the later in the day you can treat the lawn the better. If you are applying the insecticide during a dry period you need to water the ground immediately after application. If you know rain is in the forecast then plan your application appropriately to take advantage of the water.

Preventing Re-infestation

To make sure all the lawn grubs are eradicated and there is no danger of a new infestation repeat the treatment again in two weeks. A lawn grub has a two week life cycle so you do not want to go past this retreatment date. This will make sure you got any eggs, larvae or moths still around. Lawn grubs are nasty creatures that any lawn can be attacked by so you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. To avoid having lawn grubs become resistant to the treatment change up your insecticide throughout the seasons.

What to Look For

Lawn grubs can occur any time of year so you want to make sure you know the signs. Red coloured wasps with a long stinger and moths appearing at the same time, especially in the evening are a good sign. The moths are the adults and the wasps prey on the lawn grubs. Large amounts of birds, like magpies and plovers, are another indication especially around yellow or white cocoons. If you see any of these signs in your neighbour’s lawn, watch out. The infestation can move quickly. Watch new lawns closely as the new shoots from freshly laid turf is a favourite food for lawn grubs. Keep in mind, no matter how bad your lawn looks after an attack the roots are most likely unharmed. Applying the needed fertiliser and getting rid of the grubs quickly can help restore it.

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