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Project Update: Whites Hill Reserve Dog Off-Leash Area


The dog off-leash area at Whites Hill Reserve at Camp Hill needed turf improvement works for Brisbane City Council and its four-legged locals and their owners.

Earthworks commenced on Monday, 14 March 2022.


Over 3,031m² was needed to cover the dog off-leash area.

The type of turf supplied was Nullarbor Couch. This type of turf varieties is sun-loving, wear tolerant and dog-friendly.


Heavily compacted sub-grade material should be deep ripped using the Yeoman’s Keyline System to a minimum depth of 150mm to relieve compaction.

Note it is important that the sub-grade levels mirror those of the proposed finished level of the playing surface as this will guarantee uniformity in depth of growing medium.

This process will also improve overall sub grade drainage on site and allow for the soil to be aerated for best results on the final playing surface and reducing the amount of down time for the playing surface caused by wet weather conditions.

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Following ripping of the existing soil , further cultivation will be performed using the Blecavator Cultivator. This is a tractor mounted implement, which is powered using the tractor’s power takeoff system. This process will invert and aerate the soil to a depth of 100mm, and will create a fine tithe, which will be later leveled to reflect the desired finished surface grades.

Blecavation will improve ad reduce the time taken by the turf to grow in, reduce maintenance and establishment costs, and will significantly improve the final results.

Western Landscape Supplies – Provided the top-quality soil for the underlay for this project. The volume of material required to achieve this desired depth varied depending on soil types and compaction rates of soil used. On this site, we anticipated importing soil to make up levels following removal of materials existing surface.

The best way to incorporate the turf underlay soil was to spread to the right depth and make sure the gradient was right, at the right level and firm.

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The first initial watering of the newly installed turfgrass was scheduled by us in partnership with H2Flow water services.

Watering commenced within 30 minutes of being installed When installing turf, the turf should be syringe watered at regular intervals during the installation process, with each section receiving the first application within two hours of installation.

Around two inches of water a week was then required for two weeks before a less frequent watering schedule can be put into place.

The post maintenance watering was carried out by Brisbane City Council using the services of H2Flow water services. The area was monitored over a few days to make sure there were no issues, and the turf was moist enough to encourage good root growth.

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After the water settled the turf into the ground and quality checks of the area were completed, we were pleased to report it was another great job.

The works were completed by the estimated completion date of early April.

The local community of Camp Hill can now enjoy playing with their four-legged friends with the best turf in the industry at their feet.

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