Valentines Day

How to show your lawn you love it this Valentines Day

It's the season of love, and romance is in the air. We don't want to be too weird, but you really shouldn't forget to show some love to your lawn at this time of year. No matter your lawn's love language, we will have a step here that's perfect for you. 

Summer is nearing its end and a little lawn-loving this time of year helps fortify your lawn for the cooler months ahead. Our lawns head into a state of dormancy over the winter, and the stronger it is heading into this time, the better it will fare and the better it will look come spring; a little extra TLC now will mean a lot less work once we return from our winter hibernation! 

The Language of Gifts

Every lawns love Language includes gifts – gifts in the form of food. When it comes to feeding your lawn, it doesn't get much better than good fertiliser. Giving your lawn a big feed before it settles into the winter slumber will ensure it has the nutrients to survive the cold days and reduced sunlight. We love the Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser and the Lawn Kelper for their highly bioavailable range of lawn-loving nutrients. They're so easy to apply and are worth their weight in gold!

The Acts of Service

Sometimes the thing our lawn needs more than anything is just a little hands-on action. This might be weeding, aerating or even just the edging done. Getting on top of these tasks as we head into the cooler months will mean your lawn doesn't risk being overrun by weeds while it sleeps, given its dormant (or semi dormant if you’re in warmer areas) state it also means your hard work looks better for longer! 

There are a few steps you can add here that will help you along and help to make your efforts last that little longer. Applying a product such as Lawn Solutions OxaFert will inhibit the growth of weeds. It's like a preventative strike on annual grasses and broad-leaf weeds, stopping them from taking hold! It won't kill existing outbreaks (here, a weed killer and some elbow grease come in), but it will help prevent new ones!

Quality Time

Your lawn may not be quite as needy as your dog or significant other, but it still wants you to spend time with it, especially watering it. Most lawns wish for more water than they are given, so an excellent weekly watering might be precisely the love your lawn has been seeking. So get out there with the hose or cheat and bust out the sprinkler and show that lawn some good old fashion hydration!

We hope you get the love you deserve this valentine’s day, but even more so we hope your lawn does too! As always if you’re not sure exactly what your lawn needs, you can reach out to our friendly team who are always happy to provide some guidance. 


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