Creating your ultimate outdoor oasis with Jimboomba Turf

Creating your ultimate outdoor oasis with Jimboomba Turf

What does you ultimate outdoor oasis look like ?

Creating your perfect outdoor oasis is a dream for many homeowners, and with Jimboomba Turf, that vision is just a few steps away. Offering a diverse range of turf varieties to suit any backyard, front yard, or nature strip, Jimboomba Turf transforms your outdoor space into a lush, inviting haven.
For those seeking a low-maintenance option without sacrificing aesthetics, Sir Grange Zoysia emerges as a prime choice. This fine-bladed premium turf boasts a striking dark green hue, elevating the visual appeal of any landscape. Its hardiness and toughness make it resilient in full sun conditions, coupled with a remarkable high drought tolerance once established. This variety is a boon for both residential and commercial lawns.


The benefits of Sir Grange Zoysia are numerous:
  • It thrives in full sun.
  • Exhibits high drought tolerance once established.
  • Sustains minimal damage even when closely trimmed.



Families looking for a rapid recovery turf suitable for active kids and pets can turn to TifTuf, a remarkable option. Notably, it is the sole turf in Australia bearing the Smart Approved WaterMark. Its exceptional feature lies in its rapid root system establishment, taking hold in less than seven days, which is up to 75% quicker compared to other varieties. Furthermore, TifTuf demands significantly less water for establishment, showcasing superior drought tolerance and needing, on average, 38% less water than other options.

TifTuf highlights include:

  • Rapid root system establishment in under 7 days.
  • Requires substantially less water for establishment.
  • Demonstrates superior drought tolerance, needing less water overall.

For those preferring a grass variety with wider leaves, Sir Walter emerges as an ideal choice. Renowned as Australia's best buffalo grass, Sir Walter has proven its resilience time and again. Its adaptability to various conditions—full sun, shade, extreme heat, frost, and drought—makes it a versatile and sought-after option. Bred in Australia, Sir Walter is not just tough but also soft to the touch, low-allergenic, weed-resistant, and consistently lush and green, making it the quintessential Aussie lawn.

Sir Walter's attributes encompass:

  • Soft-leaved and inviting to touch.
  • Low-allergenic properties.
  • Resistant to weeds.
  • Maintains a consistently lush, green appearance.

With over 100 million meters of Sir Walter Buffalo turf sold Australia-wide, the popularity and trust in this variety speak volumes about its quality and reliability. For a resilient, beautiful lawn that stands the test of time, Sir Walter remains the go-to choice, epitomizing the perfect Aussie lawn.

At Jimboomba Turf, the array of turf varieties caters to diverse preferences and needs, ensuring that your outdoor space becomes a picturesque oasis—inviting, resilient, and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.


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