How to Control Weeds on Your Lawn

With Buffalo lawns, spraying for weeds can be complicated. Using Sir Walter Weed Control products can simplify this process. Sir Walter Weed Control is specially formulated to control stubborn weeds such as bindii oxalis, clover, and any other invasive weeds.

The active ingredient Sir Walter Weed Control uses is Bromoxyril, which is very effective, yet still safe for your pets, and family. A regular container size will treat a Buffalo lawn as large as 400 square meters.

Instructions for a Healthy Lawn

It’s important to always follow all of the printed directions and precautions on the back of the bottle. The label will indicate as to how much you should apply. It is best to stick to the pre-determined application rates to avoid damaging your lawn. The best method is to measure approximately 50 square meters for a test area, then fill your sprayer with 30ml of Sir Walter’s Weed Control, and fill the remaining standard sized sprayer up to the top with water. By leaving your test area overnight and assessing again the next day, you will be able to determine the applicability for the rest of your lawn.

The next day mix the Sir Walter Weed Control and apply to the entire yard. After application it is strongly advised that you do not mow your yard for a minimum of two days. Applying Sir Walter Weed Control after a fresh cut of your lawn is most advisable. Should you begin to notice a brownish hue to your lawn in the summer after application, this is completely normal and nothing to be concerned about, just continue to water your yard with your normal watering cycle.

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