When to Water

Keeping Your Lawn Well Watered

When taking care of your lawn and garden you need to understand the best ways and when to water them. Most people tend to do frequent shallow watering but this is not really good for the lawn or garden. Watering deeper and less frequently is really what you want to do.

Better Root System

When you don’t water as often but you water deeply then the places have to reach down further to get to the water source. This means the root system is a lot stronger and goes further down into the soil. Plus your lawn will hold up to extended dry periods this way better. If you have a new lawn then gradually ease into this system of watering as new lawns need a bit more tender care than already established ones.

To avoid your water simply evaporating off the lawn it is best to water either in the early morning hours or very late afternoon, towards the evening when it isn’t so hot outside.

Knowing How Much is Right

You want to water your lawn enough but you also don’t want to overwater thereby wasting your water. There are some guidelines that can help with this. If you have sandy soil you lawn needs about 20mm – 30mm. Clay and loamy soil require 40mm – 70mm. This allows for ample saturation down to the roots. When you overwater you are simply wasting your water and it can harm your lawn.

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