Preserving Green, Saving Blue: Jimboomba Turf's Guide to Water-Efficient Summer Lawn

Preserving Green, Saving Blue: Jimboomba Turf's Guide to Water-Efficient Summer Lawn

 Preserving Green, Saving Blue

As summer sizzles and lawns thirst for hydration, preserving our green spaces becomes a responsibility. At Jimboomba Turf, we're passionate about sustainable landscaping solutions, especially when it comes to conserving water during the scorching Southeast Queensland summers. 

We offer a variety of turf options, one of which is our premier water-saving option, TifTuf Bermuda, which proudly holds the distinction of being the sole turfgrass in Australia endorsed with the Smart Approved Watermark.



  1. Early Morning Watering: Water your garden or lawn in the early morning (before 10 AM) to minimize evaporation. This allows the plants to absorb moisture before the heat of the day.

  2. Deep Watering: Instead of frequent shallow watering, aim for deep watering sessions. This encourages deeper root growth and reduces the need for constant watering.

  3. Adjust Based on Weather: Adjust your watering schedule based on weather conditions. If it has rained or is forecasted to rain, skip watering to prevent over-saturation.

  4. Monitor Soil Moisture: Use a soil moisture meter to determine when watering is necessary. This prevents overwatering and ensures you're only watering when your turf when needed. These can be picked up at your local hardware store or nursery. 

  5. Apply Wetting Agents: Use a quality wetting agent like Lawn Solutions Lawn Soaker or Lawn Rescue as part of your watering regimen. These agents help break down soil tension, allowing water to penetrate deeply and evenly into the soil. This enhances water absorption by the roots, reducing the need for frequent watering.




Soil health 

Soil health plays a crucial role in water conservation. Healthy soil with good structure has improved water retention capacity, reducing the need for frequent irrigation. This ability to retain moisture enables plants to access water for longer periods between watering, thus minimizing water consumption. Additionally, healthy soil promotes better root development, which further enhances the plants' ability to access available water and nutrients, contributing to overall water efficiency. 


For additional insights and advice on the crucial role of quality underlying soils, we recommend exploring this blog: Jimboomba Turf - The Importance of Soil Under Turf. It contains valuable information and tips on why soil quality beneath the surface is essential for optimal turf management.

For further guidance on turf or to purchase a new lawn, Reach out to our team at (07) 3114 8281. Visit our sales office at 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge, to place your order in person.  Stay updated on more turf tips by following our website and social media channels for exciting updates.




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