pH Level for Lawns

Proper pH Level

Most people don’t even think of the pH value of their lawn when they first lay it down but it should be considered. A pH scale runs from 0 – 14. The lower the number the more acidic the lawn, the higher the more alkaline. Neutral is considered a 7.

Ideal pH Level

Lawns do best when they have a pH between 6 – 7.5.The pH balance of a lawn affects many things including how well the lawn can absorb the nutritional content and minerals from the soil. Lawns that are seriously off balance will have a hard time absorbing anything.

Measuring pH Level

There is nothing complicated about measuring your lawn’s pH. You simply buy a pH testing kit. You can get them at any type of hardware store, nursery or online. And the kit holds enough chemicals for several tests. The one thing you do want to do is take a sample from various sections of the yard so you get the overall picture. Average these sections out and then follow the directions on the test for what you need to do. It is as simple as that.

Low pH Level

If your lawn has a pH of less than 6 you need to bring it up and your do that with agricultural lime. This is simple ground up limestone and does wonders for acidic soil. The more acidic the soil the more lime you will need. Keep in mind course lime absorbs slower than finely ground lime. Clay soil is harder to neutralize than sandy soil. On each bag of lime you will find directions for application rates, which can vary, so be sure and read the instructions. The lime can be put into the soil by simple cultivation, either with a hand mattock or a rotary hoe. The latter works best.

High pH Level

If your soil is too alkaline then you need a sulphur product to lower it. Again, like the lime you are going to cultivate it in to the soil at the suggested application rate on the bag.

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