Lawn Aeration

Proper Lawn Aeration

Any place there is heavy traffic on a lawn you run the risk of soil compaction. Compacted soil is never good for the lawn. These areas might be where the family plays cricket, where the laundry is hung or where the cars park. But, thankfully, it is easy to determine if you have a problem with your lawn and it is easy to fix it.

Testing for Compacted Soil

All you need for this is either a garden fork or a screwdriver. You simply push it into the ground. The tool should easily go in at least halfway up the tines of the garden fork. If it doesn’t you probably have compacted soil.

Aerating Your Lawn

There are two methods of lawn aeration. One is manual and is used for small spaces and it is simple to use a gardening fork to poke even holes over the spot. The other involves using either a coring machine or a power aerator. These machines can easily aerate large areas.

Using Gypsum

Another thing that will help your compacted lawn is applying gypsum. You want to use about 1 kilo of gypsum per square meter of lawn. Lawn aeration combats broadleaf weeds much better than a compacted lawn.

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