How to Mow Your Sir Walter Lawn

Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn creates a beautiful lawn when taken care of properly. And that care requires knowing how to mow. There is no one rule fits all lawns when it comes to mowing but there are some things you need to do when it comes to taking care of your Sir Walter lawn.

Danger of Close Mowing

When you mow your lawn too short you run the risk of reducing the root growth of your lawn. When this happens the lawns can’t absorb as much water as easily. Shallow root systems do not do as well in hot weather either. This is not a good thing at all for Australian lawns when you through in water evaporation and drought conditions.

Right Height for Sir Walter

Through much trial and error we have discovered the best height for Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn and that is 50mm. It should never go below 40mm. In shady spots or when the weather is cooler you can even let it get taller than that.

Raising Your Mower Blades

If the weather is extremely hot or dry, more so than normal, you may want to raise your blades and let the grass get a little taller during this time as well. This helps the lawn survive these tough climatic conditions. Plus it will stay looking great!

First Mowing

If you have a newly laid lawn you want to make sure it is firmly rooted before you mow. This can take 1 -3 weeks. Try lifting your turf. If you can do it easily you are not ready to mow.

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