Gypsum and Lime

Providing your lawn with things that can help it grow and stay healthy is important. And gypsum and lime are two of those things.


Calcium sulphate, or gypsum, is helpful in breaking down clay soil. This allows the soil to open up and makes it easier for nutrients, air and water to circulate more freely. Lawn roots can also penetrate the soil easier when the soil is not as hard.

The best thing to do is mix the gypsum in with the soil where the turf underlay mix is going to go. A rotary hoe makes this easy. If you just have a small area you can even use a mattock.

Using Lime

If you are not laying a lawn but dealing with an established one you want to use lime on it. Push a garden fork into the lawn and move it around a bit. The take the required amount of lawn and spread it over the area. Water it deeply into the soil. Do the same thing with gypsum in well-worn areas.

Follow the Directions

When you get your gypsum make sure you read the directions because light clay soil doesn’t need as much, basically 1 kg per square meter. You are going to want to double that if the clay is heavy. If you are trying to raise the pH level of your soil remember gypsum is neutral so you will need to add some lime if that is the goal.

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