Your Lawn and Pets

Your Lawn and Pets

A Pet Owners Dream: Dog Friendly Turf

Pets cause more than the general wear and tear damage on your lawn. They can wreak havoc on both artificial grass and natural turf. Pet urine burns, digging holes and patches in high traffic areas are a few of the issues to expect if you don’t choose the right grass for dogs and pets alike.

Certain varieties of turf can also flare up pet allergies. In order to take care of your furry children and keep your lawn luscious at the same time, you need specific grass for pets.

The Right Lawn For Your Furry Friend

Dogs on grass

Most pet owners can agree that their furry companions are what makes their house a home and a home can increase in value with fresh, luscious grass. However, it might seem impossible to have both with dogs around. They are famed for digging holes and tearing up grass with their ‘zoomies’. Dog urine can also damage your freshly laid turf.

What if we told you that you can have a pet AND low maintenance pet grass that will stay green with good wear tolerance? Pet owners everywhere are shaking their heads in disbelief. While you might have made peace with your yard of dirt, we have enough grass to keep owners and pets satisfied.

Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified

One answer is Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo. It is the best grass for dogs as it is self-repairing, grows quickly and can handle medium wear. This means those holes left by your dog’s latest bone hiding adventure or just general wear and tear caused by dog traffic will soon be gone and covered with perfectly normal grass.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for practicality with this grass for dogs as it is a soft leaf buffalo grass. Your new lawn will still be luscious to walk, sit and lay on but it will be durable enough to handle dog activity. This is because it has deep roots so it has a high wear tolerance.

TifTuf Bermuda

Another answer for the high traffic demands of an active dog is the robust TifTuf bermuda, Australia’s favourite toughest grass. TifTuf is already being used in several high profile sporting stadiums after proving its durability in wear testing. This makes it another excellent choice for both active pets and families. If it can handle the running of high profile athletes, it can endure a swift dog run and more.

TifTuf lawn is often referred to as the best grass for its versatility and high performance. It boasts qualities such as tolerance for heavy traffic and ability to handle full sun and part shade. It’s the preferred choice of grass for dog parks as it is strong enough to handle dog runs, playing and digging without being left with ugly damaged areas. In addition to this, TifTuf Bermuda maintains a beautiful colour all year round, even in the tough Australian climate when we are so used to seeing brown lawn set against the brown ground during drought conditions.

How To Prevent Urine Burn On Your Grass

Dog Rocks

Even a very calm dog who spends most of its time inside can still damage your lawn. Pet urine from dogs can cause burns and staining on your grass. This is because dog urine contains nitrogen compounds and too much nitrogen can turn your best grass into a patchy nightmare. So, how do you stop dogs from urinating on the grass? Dog Rocks might be the answer.

The Benefits Of Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks go in the dog’s water bowl and are non toxic which means they are 100% safe for your canine companion. These rocks prevent your dog from ingesting as much nitrate and actually improves the quality of their water. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t alter the pH of the urine and can be used their entire lives. This product isn’t harmful to your dogs and works wonders for your grass.

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

Dogs on grass

Our dogs continually protect and love us. We should extend the same to our pets by ensuring they are safe from any toxic chemicals or harmful lawn care products. This is an important consideration as pets are usually rolling, diving and lazing on your lawn.

When doing any kind of fertilising or using any pesticides, a pet owner should contain their pets inside to avoid any potential poisoning from the chemicals in these products. The last thing you want is a sick animal from ingesting something they shouldn’t when it could have been avoided. It’s vital to read product labels for safety precautions and to know when to allow your pets free range on the lawn once again. Following these simple steps will ensure you protect both your lawn and pets.

In addition to mowing, watering and using the right soil, there are pet friendly fertilisers and products you can use to maintain a healthy lawn.

Natural Grass Vs. Artificial Grass For Your Pets

You might be staring at your exposed soil and wondering what is the right turf for me? The durability of artificial grass can be appealing if you own dogs but here’s why you shouldn’t choose synthetic grass:

  • It isn’t environmentally friendly.
  • It requires more maintenance to keep clean and sanitary.
  • Synthetic turf is usually made from plastic which emits chemical fumes that are harmful to your animals. It also deters them from urinating on it which can be counter productive.
  • Artificial lawn might not die in the summer heat but it does get hot under the Australian sun which causes discomfort to both animals and humans.

Our pet friendly lawns are easy to care for no matter how hard your dog likes to play. They are hard-wearing and suitable for your pets.

To get some more advice on your pet friendly lawn or additional tricks to reduce pet wear, call our team on (07) 3114 8281.

You can also pop in and order in person at our head office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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