Who is LSA?

Who is LSA?

You have probably seen lots of turf farms talking about Lawn Solutions Australia or LSA. This week’s turf tip looks at what is LSA what they do.

A helping hand for family farmers

Turf farms across the country are small family-owned businesses focussed on serving their local area. While they often leant on each other for advice, they had no formal way of supporting each other.

By coming together to form Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) these family-owned businesses were able to create a national support network that has improved on farm practices, turf product quality, logistics and installation practices and many more aspects of turf production. While LSA members come in all shapes and sizes at their core they are all family-owned businesses just like Jimboomba Turf, and buy working together they can deliver far better products and services for their customers.

LSA’s activities include an annual conference giving all of the farmers to come together at least once a year to share information, network and plan the coming year. This year’s conference including a field day at the Jimboomba Turf farm with several supplier demonstrations and with over 200 attendees it was one of the biggest field days the Australian turf industry has ever seen.

National quality standards

In 2015 one of the first major initiatives from LSA was to collect DNA samples from all Sir Walter growers to ensure all of the Sir Walter being sold was pure and true to type. A second round of testing commenced in 2018 to continue to monitor the purity of the Sir Walter in the marketplace. Only growers with the Sir Walter DNA Certified logo can be trusted to deliver the true original Sir Walter product Australians know and love.

To further improve industry standards LSA worked with industry leaders to develop AusGAP, the Australian Turf Accreditation Program. This program covers all aspects of turf production and delivery with a strict set of quality standards. Adherence to these standards is continually checked and tested to ensure customers are continually receiving only the best possibly quality turf from AusGAP Certified growers like Jimboomba Turf.

Research and development

While Sir Walter DNA Certified has proven itself time and time again, with 100’s of thousands of new turf varieties being tested at leading turf research facilities around the word it is important to continue to look for new varieties perfect for Australian conditions. With shrinking yards and continued water supply issues the search continues for shade-tolerant low input varieties like the new Sir Grange Zoysia and TifTuf Bermuda.

LSA has built strong relationships with these leading research facilities and as created its own testing and development program in Australia. This allows for extensive local research on the best new varieties to see which varieties can thrive in our challenging conditions. Ensuring that before a new variety is released for sale, it has already proven itself first overseas and then again in Australia.

To get more information about LSA or to install a new lawn in winter call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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