What Our Lawns Give Us

Our lawns offer a large number of contributions to conservation efforts. On average a block of eight homes with front lawns will have the same effect as 70 tons of air conditioning – this helps with cooling costs.

Enough oxygen is produced by 5 square metres of grass to provide for a single person in a single day. And when it comes to the air, approximately 12 million tons of dirt and dust from the atmosphere is entrapped by turf grasses annually. Gives going green a whole new meaning.

The Lawns Benefits Just Keep Coming

Turfgrass helps with groundwater filtration. The soil/turf grass ecosystem has a superior capability to filter ground water and enrich it as it returns to the soil. The high root density of turf grass traps and holds rainfall runoff reducing damage. Turfgrass is one of the least expensive and most durable ground covers to prevent soil loss from erosion, from both water and wind.

Going Green Lawns

As much as approximately 16 billion kilograms of carbon could be stored in certain lawn areas, greatly reducing carbon pollution. Turfgrass provides an invaluable function to soil improvement as it derives resources from the decomposition of organic matter and returns them to the soil.

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