What Lawn Size?

Everyone has a different lawn size area and it can be difficult to determine just how much soil and lawn turf you are going to need for your home. Here is a handy guide that can help with that.

If the lawn size area is going to be a square or rectangle you simply need to multiply the width by the length. It’s a bit trickier if you are doing a circle. Take the measurement of the radius and then measure that by itself (if the radius is 4 you would multiple 4 x 4). Multiply the sum of that by 3.14.

If your area is triangular in shape measure the base and divide by 2. Then multiply that number by the triangle’s height. This will provide you with the information needed for your lawn size.

For every 10 sq. metres you are going to need 1 cubic metre of turf. If you have a really odd-shaped area then divide it into squares and rectangles as much as possible, measure them and then add the total. Always order a bit more than you think you will need.

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