Top Weed Fighting Products

Top Weed Fighting Products

Today we are here to talk about 3 terrific products to help fight common lawn weeds.

#1 Amgrow Bin-Die

Amgrow Bin Die

Amgrow Bin-Die is a great all-rounder to deal with many common weeds. It controls Capeweed, Cudweed, Creeping Oxalis weed, White Clover, Dandelion and Bindii.

Bin-Die is a Selective Herbicide that can be used during Spring and Autumn. It is also suitable for use on buffalo lawns such as Sir Walter DNA Certified.

Learn more about Selective and Non-Selective herbicides in our handy article on them: Selective Vs. Non-Selective Herbicides

#2 Amgrow Sedgehammer

Amgrow Sedgehammer

Amgrow Sedgehammer is a Selective Herbicide that targets nutgrass. It can be used on all our turf varieties and can be used to spot spray nutgrass.

Make sure to follow the correct application rate and for more information on spraying check out our handy article: How to spray for weeds

#3 Lawn Solutions Oxafert

Lawn Solutions Oxafert

Unlike Amgrow Bin-Die and Sedgehammer, Lawn Solutions Oxafert can be used as a preventative measure. Oxafert is a Pre-Emergent herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds and annual grass-type weeds including Winter Grass, Crowsfoot, Summer Grass, Creeping Oxalis weed and Crabgrass.

Pre-Emergent herbicides work by stopping new seedlings at a soil level. Lawn Solutions Oxafert also contains a fertiliser to help improve the health of your lawn. If you have any visible weeds Oxafert will not affect them as it only works during the germination stage.

Oxafert does come in a 3kg bag which will treat up to a 100m². It can be applied with a handheld or a battery spreader, then it can be watered with at least 10mm of irrigation.

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For more information on weeds see our handy Weed Identification Guide on our website: Weed Identification Guide

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