Watering your lawn in Winter

Watering your lawn in Winter

Water, water, water. There is usually a lot of confusion about how much water your lawn truly needs. In Winter it will be the time of the year to water less. During this season, your lawn will not be getting the same amount of sun. We want to give you a few simple tips on how much to water per week during Winter.

Why watering your lawn is important.

Watering your lawn

Just like humans, your lawn can not survive without water. It is important that your lawn gets a suitable amount of water to survive. But how much do you water in Winter?

How much to water?

Your lawn usually needs an inch of water twice a day during Summer. During Winter you will need to only water once or twice a week or as needed.

With the Australian climate, weather conditions can change quickly and knowing when your lawn needs watering is key.

In Summer water restrictions will play a key role for how much to water. In winter this is less so, and watering too much is just wasting water.

Confused on how much to water? Check out this handy video we made:

What are the signs that my lawn will need water in Winter?

Spotting the warning signs before it is too late is key to having a healthy lawn.

Three signs your lawn needs water

The first sign that your lawn needs water in Winter is when it starts to yellow off. This is important to note and take action to water.

Three signs your lawn needs water

Another less obvious sign is the thinning of the leaf. This is particularly more noticeable with Sir Walter DNA Certified but can happen with each variety. Sir Walter DNA Certified in particular can thin out to look like Couch Grass.

Three signs your lawn needs water

If you have Couch Grass, another less obvious sign that it needs water is when the leaf takes on a silver sheen.

For more information on watering your lawn see our handy watering guide:

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