Turf Tips: Winter lawn tip – Winter is early

With the mercury set to plummet this weekend, it is the perfect time to talk about a winter lawn tip or two. Getting your lawn ready for the cooler months early ensures your lawn is in the best shape when spring comes.

Longer leaf for a happier winter lawn

Our first winter lawn tip involves your mowing height. With shorter days and less sunlight for your lawn, it is important to get those mower blades higher in the cooler months. By cutting your grass a little longer you will allow your lawn to do more with the available sunlight.

This is especially true for varieties like couch that need up to 8 hours of direct sunlight. With our modern shady backyards, this is almost an impossible task. By giving your lawn more leaf area it can at least create more energy from the light it gets. This will give you a much healthier lawn through winter.

One last feed for winter

An often overlooked winter lawn tip is fertilising. With winter closing in but not quite here now is a great time to give your lawn a feed to get it through winter. While the cool weather means many varieties are fairly dormant, fertilising now can help maintain winter colour and ensure your lawn is in its best health to face the cold.

The heavy growth of the warmer months uses up a lot of your lawns nutrient stores in the soil. Fertilising ahead of winter replenishes these nutrients before the cold sets in. A fertiliser high in potassium is especially good protection for the winter months.

Winter weeds worries

Winter weeds are next up on our list of winter lawn tips. You have probably noticed already that your lawn is growing less and you are mowing less. While this is fantastic, the dormant state your lawn goes into for the colder months allows winter weeds to start making a nuisance of themselves. The slower grow allows weeds to start thriving, with more space and nutrients for them to thrive.

It is important to be extra vigilant as soon as the weather cools off to stay on top of winter weeds. Remove or spray them regularly to avoid them getting away from you and taking over your lawn.

Lawn traffic report

Our final winter lawn tip is another tip that is often overlooked but can be very important, traffic on your lawn. Winter dormancy means your lawn will be growing much slower, this means it will be slower when repairing itself from wear and tear.

Homes with pets and children have more traffic and often see more wear on their lawn. If you see areas that are thinning or bare in the cooler months you might have to take more urgent action. This may include fencing off heavily worn areas so they can repair without further damage.

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