Why choose premium turf grass varieties

Why choose a premium turf grass for your lawn

A question we are frequently asked is “why choose a premium turf when there are cheaper options available?”

As seasoned turf suppliers, we understand the curiosity and confusion around why we have such an extensive range of different grasses. Each grass type might have a similar purpose, whether that be shade tolerance, low maintenance quality or drought resistance. With so many options, it’s hard to know which one to select to turf your lawn.

However, each customer has specific requirements that dictate what grass is best suited for their needs. These requirements can include: yard sizes, lifestyle, whether it is high or low shade tolerance, soil types and if they have any pets. Here are a few examples of how the advantages of some of our premium grass varieties can make your life easier and your yard look fantastic all year round.

Reduced time mowing

We all lead busy lives now and many of our customers would prefer to spend less time mowing. The secret to less mowing is a grass type that has a slow growth rate. With a grass variety that grows slowly, your new lawn will be low maintenance without losing the aesthetic appeal of the green soft leaf.

Sir Grange zoysia is our newest variety with a very slow vertical growth rate while still growing fast enough to cover worn patches. Sir Grange has a high shade tolerance and drought tolerance as the lawn type only requires low water usage and fertiliser requirements.

While we suggest fertilising other varieties at least 3 times a year, Sir Grange can be fertilised just once a year.

Turf suppliers commonly refer to Sir Grange as the ‘star-player’ among other grass types in the Australian turf market. This grass variety can handle full sun and shady areas, requires up to 50% less mowing than other varieties and comes with a 10-year product warranty. It’s the perfect choice for both residential and commercial jobs.

Minimal watering required

With rising water costs many customers are worried about the ongoing cost of keeping a lawn looking its best. The holy grail of grasses for residential lawns inland and in coastal areas, sports fields and golf courses is a grass that uses less water to stay healthy.

TifTuf Bermuda was tested extensively at the University of Georgia and showed great promise during drought conditions. This testing went on to prove that TifTuf uses 38% less water than other varieties. It requires a strict watering schedule during establishment but once established the water required to keep a TifTuf lawn will be far less than the other similar varieties.

With the savings that can be made on your water bills, your TifTuf lawn will practically pay for itself. Using less water doesn’t mean this isn’t a dynamic quality turf. It still shows excellent performance in shade tolerance and full sun. It is a great choice for Australian gardens because it bounces back from high foot traffic and can be mowed to a number of different heights. It’s tight-knit makes it perfect for manicured lawns.

Great in the shade

With house blocks getting smaller and houses getting bigger the greatest problem facing modern lawns is shade. With traditional couch grasses requiring 6 or more hours of sun a day, they struggle in the modern backyard.

DNA Certified Sir Walter is the elder statesman of our premium grass varieties with a long standing history of durability in difficult conditions. Its broad leaf blade allows the lawn to gather more energy from less sunlight, making it perfect for shaded areas. In especially shaded areas mowing your Sir Walter a little longer can help it perform even better.

Another great characteristic of Sir Walter is its ability to choke out weeds. It combines strong horizontal growth with year round performance beating back those unwanted weeds time and time again. Its tight thatch ensures weeds rarely get a chance to establish in a healthy Sir Walter lawn.

Best quality grass for lawns

The biggest advantage of our premium turf range is you can mix and match your grass based on your specific requirements. This will ensure you don’t just go with the popular choice of turf but rather find the grass that is PERFECT for your needs.

A quality turf with high wear tolerance will be ideal for an active family with pets. If you have a tall home with a small yard, a turf with high shade tolerance will be optimal. Do you want to minimise your high maintenance lawn work and ongoing costs? Look for a turf that has low water usage, low fertilising needs and high weed resistance.

Don’t install just green stuff that isn’t suitable for your home or lifestyle. Instead choose a premium option, fit for purpose for your needs. The chart below compares our full range of premium grass varieties.

Jimboomba Turf is a family owned and operated turf supplier for over 45 years, offering top quality service and premium warranty across a range of grass varieties and lawn-care products.

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