Turf Tips: Where do new grass varieties come from

With a couple of new grass varieties coming to Jimboomba Turf recently some customers wanted to know where new grass varieties come from. So this week’s turf tip looks at the relationships and research that go into having the best grass varieties for Australian lawns.

Lawn Solutions Australia & University of Georgia

Jimboomba Turf group are members of Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA), Australia’s largest network of turf specialists. As such, Jimboomba Turf group has access to a vast research and development network that stretches from the United States to Australia.

Lawn Solutions Australia has recently announced a continuation of their collaboration with world-renowned University of Georgia Turfgrass Research Program. LSA’s technical Manager Joe Rogers said “Our continued breeding collaboration with such an esteemed international-­‐partner will hold LSA’s grasses in good stead for many years to come”.

He added “Having the best varieties for today, whilst we’re working on the best varieties for tomorrow, is our vision.”

LSA has been working with a number of institutions and turf-­‐breeders both here and abroad for a number of years on developing new and improved turf-­‐types that will offer benefits to Australian turf producers and end-­‐users.

With over a hundred different commercial turf varieties now available in Australia, Rogers says such an arrangement adds enormous integrity to LSA’s breeding program backed by the AusGAP Genetic Assurance program.

“Nearly all our growers are now AusGAP Certified, meaning their growing, harvesting and delivering of turf comes under strict quality control protocols and their Work Health and Safety and Environmental Management including Biosecurity controls are exemplary,” he explains.

The progression of new grass varieties

With new grass varieties coming from the United States there is a long progression from discovery to Australian lawns.

First the new grasses are discovered and tested by American turf experts such as Drs Wayne Hanna and Bryan Schwartz at the University of Georgia.

Then after the grasses prove themselves in the US, Lawn Solutions Australia brings the new varieties to their testing facility at Berry, NSW.

If the grasses prove themselves at the Berry facility they are then tested on farms of LSA growers across Australia to ensure their success at a local level.

And then finally if they can stand up to all those tests, in all those locations they are finally offered to the public through Lawn Solutions Australia growers such as us, Jimboomba Turf Group.

The end products

The fruit of these efforts are the two recent releases from Jimboomba Turf Group, Sir Grange Zoysia and TifTuf Bermuda.

Sir Grange is a low maintenance fine leaf zoysia grass. This premium turf grass has high shade tolerance and very low nutrient and water requirements. Read more about Sir Grange Zoysia.

TifTuf Bermuda is Australia’s water-wise turf. A fine leaf grass TifTuf’s best feature is average 38% less water than other varieties, which makes it perfect for water restrictions. Read more about TifTuf Bermuda.

To get more advice on new grass varieties or to order a new lawn call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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