Turf Tips: Wet weather lawn care

With a wet weekend ahead it’s the perfect time to go back over some wet weather lawn care tips. There are some really simple do’s and don’ts when the rain sets in.

Don’t: Mow your lawn while its still wet

The first wet weather lawn care tip is to leave the mower in the shed. Mowing a wet yard can cause all sorts of damage to your lawn. From clippings clumping everywhere to your mower wheels and feet causing indents and holes across your lawn that you will need to top dress later.

It’s not just surface damage that you can do either. Right after cutting your lawn the blades of grass are more open to disease, by mowing wet grass you expose your lawn to possible ongoing problems.

We have all been there when we missed the window to mow before the rain comes, but if you do miss out it is far better to wait. So wherever possible let your lawn dry out completely before you mow.

Do: Fertilise your lawn when it rains

A great thing you can do when it comes to wet weather lawn care is to take advantage of the rain and fertilise. You need to thoroughly water in your fertiliser and with rising water costs that can be expensive, but some decent rain is a great chance to water it in for free.

So when the rain starts get out the galoshes and umbrella and spread your fertiliser.

There is one thing to consider here though, it is a fine balance. Some decent rain and fertilising is fantastic, but too much rain and all the nutrients will just be washed away. So keep an eye on the BOM rainfall radar.

Don’t: Spray for pests and disease when it rains

Just like fertilising when it rains too much spraying for pests and disease when it rains will just see your hard earned efforts washed down your stormwater drain.

Pesticides like lawn grub killer or herbicides like broadleaf weed killer will just wash away completely or at least be too diluted to be effective when it rains. So if you planned to take care of some pests or weeks this weekend you might need to reschedule.

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