Turf Tips: Top 5 spring lawn care tips

This week’s turf tip breaks down the top 5 spring lawn care tips. Follow as many of these tips as you can and you will have the best lawn in the street!

#1 Spring lawn care tip: Update your lawn maintenance schedule

The first spring lawn care tip is to update your lawn care maintenance schedule to match the warmer weather.

The first thing you will need to do is increase your watering schedule. If you are not sure how much to water your lawn, you can read our blog post on the topic!

The next important maintenance tip is to get your mower ready for spring. The first thing you should do is give your mower a service. Start with your mower blades by either sharpening or replacing them, this ensures the health and neatness of your lawn. Also check your fuel, filters and sparkplugs. A mower left idle over the winter months often needs a ‘freshen up’ to run its best.

And finally, you can lower those mower blades closer to your summer mowing height. Longer days means more sun so you don’t have to leave your lawn and long as you do in winter.

#2 Spring lawn care tip: Fertilise your lawn

A vital spring lawn care tip is to feed your lawn, for that you want a quality fertiliser like Lawn Solutions Premium Lawn Fertiliser. A lawn coming out of winter is a bear coming out of hibernation. It’s had a big sleep and it’s starving.

Applying a fertiliser now sets your lawn up well for the coming months, and gives it the nourishment required for the growth that is around the corner.

It is also an important step before the next couple of tips. If you plan on aerating or top dressing your lawn, you should be applying fertiliser at least a week or two before you take on these more serious tasks.

#3 Spring lawn care tip: Aerate your lawn

Heavy traffic and cold winter rain help compact the soil underneath your lawn. This reduces the amount of oxygen available to your lawn, oxygen it requires to thrive. Aerating your lawn creates channels for oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass where it is most needed.

You can aerate your lawn yourself using aerating sandals, a tubular lawn aerator or even a petrol-powered lawn corer aerator. These items can be purchased from Bunnings or in some cases hired. We have an entire blog post detailing your DIY Lawn Aeration tips.

Alternatively, if you want your lawn aerated seriously, you can use a professional service such as Lawn Core Australia.

#4 Spring lawn care tip: Top dress your lawn

Another great spring lawn care tip is to top dress your lawn. Top dressing can provide a new source of nutrients to a long established lawn. It can also be used to even up an uneven lawn or fill in holes.

By correcting uneven lawns regular maintenance especially mowing will be easier and you will have a happier and healthier lawn.

For detailed tips on top dressing your lawn you can read our dress up your lawn blog post.

#5 Spring lawn care tip: Replace your lawn

Our final spring lawn care tip is for the lawn that needs a complete overhaul. The increased growth that comes with spring makes it the perfect time to replace your lawn.

By avoiding summer the work of laying your new lawn will be easier, and you will require less water to get your new lawn established. Combined with the increased growth from the warmer soil temperatures your new lawn will establish faster, making it the perfect time to replace that tired lawn.

To get started on replacing your new lawn you can check out our blog post that details where to buy genuine Jimboomba Turf.

To get more spring lawn care advice or to use spring as the perfect time for a new lawn call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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