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Tap Timers

Tap timers are the perfect solution for busy periods when you don’t have time to water your lawn. Times like now heading towards the holidays, we don’t always have time to stand around with the hose in our hand or sit and watch our sprinkler go round. We need something to water our lawn for us.

Getting the water down

The next step before we install tap timers is figuring out how elaborate your watering system will be. On the simple scale of things, we always recommend a soaker hoses as they deliver the water from close to the ground allowing more water to go exactly where you want it, and avoid watering your concrete. But any sprinkler is better than no sprinkler and will allow you to setup a timer.

At the elaborate end of the spectrum is a pop-up sprinkler system. With heads that sit below your mower blades this is perfect for the absolutely hands-off approach to watering your lawn. To see how easy it could be to install pop-up sprinklers you can head on over to the Bunnings website where they have a How to install Pop-up Sprinklers D.I.Y. article.

Timer options

Just like the watering options the tap timer options range from simple to elaborate. For your soaker hose or sprinkler you could use a simple Mechanical Tap Timer or a Digital Tap Timer. For your pop-up sprinkler system you could also use these simple timers, or you could use a more elaborate system like the Multi Zone Tap Timer or the fully automated setup of an Irrigation Controller with Soleniod Control Valves. Bunnings has great D.I.Y. articles How to automate a garden irrigation system and the How to install irrigations solenoids.

You can also take your automated systems even further with the addition of Electronic Rain Sensors and Soil Moisture Sensors which can feed information back to your timer to prevent overwatering and reduce your water usage. To get some advice on what system is best for your lawn speak to your local Bunnings store or a local irrigation expert.

How much water does my lawn need?

The first step is to know how much water your lawn needs. Unfortunately, your lawn can’t tell you if it’s still thirsty, but we have a great little ‘life hack’ to help you measure how much water has gone into your lawn. Mark 20-30mm on the side of a plastic container and put it on the lawn under your sprinkler. When the water level reaches the mark that area has had enough water and it’s time to move the sprinkler. In the warm weather remember, if you are thirsty so is your lawn!

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