Quick turf buying guide

Quick Turf Buying Guide

This weeks turf tip is a quick turf buying guide. This guide touches on a couple of important factors you should consider when it comes to purchasing a new lawn.

Turf selection

The first step to buying turf is understanding what turf variety you need. Many people start at turf prices, overlooking the fact that replacing the old lawn could cost more than buying the right new lawn in the first place. When it comes to purchasing a new lawn the correct “Fit for Purpose” is perfect for any situation.

The first factor and the most important factor in modern yards is shade. Houses have gotten bigger and yards have gotten smaller, creating more shade for lawns. With some turf varieties such as Nullarbor Green Couch, it needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. You need to be sure to select a turf variety that can survive let alone thrive in your yard. Other options such as DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo, and Sir Grange Zoysia are more a lot more shade tolerate needing minimum 2-3 hours direct sunlight.

Other important factors to consider include water usage, maintenance required, wear tolerance, fertilizing required and weed resistance. To compare these turf characteristics you can use our turf guide.

Turf Prices

Once you decide what turf characteristics are important the next step in the turf buying guide is to work out your budget. Turf prices will vary depending on the characteristics of the grass variety. More expensive varieties will require less ongoing costs and will be easier to maintain as well as grow in more places. With different varieties at different price points Jimboomba Turf Group has several options to help you find a great grass within your budget.

With cheap turf you will often get what you pay for. If turf price is your only deciding factor you may end up with a lawn you need to replace as the variety won’t grow in your yard. By combining your preferred characteristics and our turf prices you can find the right fit of turf type that fits your budget and your needs. You can purchase a new lawn over the phone on (07) 3114 8230 or on our online store.

Turf Suppliers

There are turf farms in every shape and size, new and old. Jimboomba Turf is not only AusGAP Certified and a member of Lawn Solutions Australia they have also been selling turf for over 40 years. This makes them Brisbane’s most experienced turf farmers, and the name you can trust in turf. Not only get the best possible product, but you also get the highest standard of after sales care and support.

Customers can also order Jimboomba Turf from the Special Orders counter at their local Bunnings. While only Nullarbor Couch (Easy Lawn) and Sir Walter are carried in store, from Special Orders you can also order our premium varieties TifTuf bermuda and Sir Grange zoysia.


Jimboomba Turf Group offers a range of turf services for your convenience. Apart from the supply of turf, we can also deliver your turf and arrange installation. Our staff are always available to speak with you about any of the turf services that we offer. We also have display of our turf varieties at our head office in Acacia Ridge viewable 24/7.

  • Delivery: We operate a modern fleet of trucks which can deliver our turf grass straight from the farm to your door. All of our trucks carry forklifts, and the operator will endeavour to place the turf where you require it.
  • Pickup: If it is a small quantity of turf that you require, why not pick it up from our Sales and Administration Centre. We also have a forklift operator on site to assist with loading turf onto your vehicle.
  • Installation: Our installation teams are very experienced, and will transform your property in no time. Your site will go from a barren surface to an amazing, green landscape in no time at all.

To get more advice on what turf variety to choose or to order a new lawn call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

For more great turf, tips keep an eye on our website and all our social media channels.

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