Fresh Turf at the heart of the city

Turf Tips: Farm fresh turf in the heart of the city

This week’s turf tip looks at how you can get farm fresh turf in the heart of the city. There are several options for getting farm fresh Jimboomba Turf delivered straight to your door.

Why is farm fresh turf important?

Turf is a living product and cannot be stored in a warehouse. You always want to have the shortest period of time possible from harvest on our farm to installing your farm fresh turf in your yard. The quicker you get your turf from farm to your yard the less stressed your turf will be and help your lawn with establishing.

The best way to ensure your new turf project runs smoothly is having done all your preparation done before hand and make sure your calendar is clear. The longer turf is un-laid, the more stress it becomes and is subjected to drying out quickly. So get it laid and watered as soon as possible as it’s crucial to help establishment.

Farm fresh turf to your house

The best way to get farm fresh turf is to get it delivered right to your house. By going directly from farm to your home, your turf arrives the quickest. When it comes to getting living products delivered quickest means freshest. A single pallet of turf can weigh more than a tonne making it a difficult load for a standard vehicle or trailer. It is far safer to allow our experienced truck drivers to deliver your turf safely to your door. Our pallet-less delivery and forklift trucks mean your turf is conveniently delivered exactly where you need it. With no heavy pallet to trip over or return after you finish laying your turf, this means your farm fresh turf arrives both save and conveniently.

Farm fresh Jimboomba Turf at your local Bunnings

For the ultimate convenience and 7 days a week coverage way to get farm fresh turf from Jimboomba Turf is visiting your local Bunnings. From Gympie in the north, Dalby and Warwick in the west, Ballina to the south and everywhere in between. Jimboomba Turf supplies Genuine DNA Certified Sir Walter as well as other varieties exclusively for Bunnings stores.

Whether it’s ordering a pickup close to your home, or grabbing that extra slab to finish a job this is ultimate convenience. And with farm fresh turf, we do deliveries all week long.

Farm fresh turf from our city sales office

If you don’t want delivery you can still get farm fresh turf in the city. Thanks to our Acacia Ridge sales office, you can pick up from Monday to Saturday. This office makes it simple to pick up small orders. While we do keep some extra turf for people to drop in, to ensure we have turf for you it is always best to order 24-48 hours ahead to ensure we have the right amount of turf for you. Our experienced team can help you with expert advice ensuring you get the right turf for your situation from the comfort of your home. The easiest way to purchase from us is to simply call our office or order from our online store.

To get more advice on the best turf variety or to order a new lawn, call our team on (07) 3114 8281. If you want to pop in and order in person, our office is located at 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge; and is open Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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