Turf Tips: Extreme weather lawn care

With another bad heat wave sweeping through we thought we should remind everyone of some extreme weather lawn care to help your lawn get through this difficult time.

Preparation is key to surviving extreme weather

We talked at length about the importance of preparation when dealing with extreme weather like heat waves. You can see all of these tips in our heatwave lawn care post.

One great tip for better preparing for extreme weather is preparing your soil to take water, to do this you can use a wetting agent. These products work by allowing the soil to open up allowing the water to penetrate evenly throughout the soil profile. This makes watering more efficient, reducing loss through run off and gives your lawn more access to water stores.

Wetting agents can be applied from simple hose on applicators, making it nice and easy. In the simplest of terms they get water where it’s needed, in the soil!

Always early activities

As they say, the early bird gets the worm! Another subject we have covered at length in our heatwave lawn care post is the importance of early activities in heatwave conditions.

With temperatures soaring it’s important to water the lawn early to ensure the water soaks in and doesn’t simply evaporate in the heat.

And with the extra stress of the heat, it’s important for both the lawn and yourself to mow early if you absolutely have to mow.

Rain but not enough

Another important extreme weather lawn care tip is that while some of us had some decent rain the last couple of days, it still won’t be enough. With such extreme weather forecast for the weekend, your lawn will still need more water to see it through.

As we talked about in our Storm season lawn care post, people often over-estimate how much water their lawn really received from a downpour. This is another reason to use a wetting agent like mentioned previously, to ensure as much water as possible gets into the soil profile.

Extreme weather is stress

The last extreme weather lawn care tip we will leave you with is nice and simple, reduce stress. The better you take care of your lawn leading into an extreme weather event the better your lawn will cope.

And the more you avoid stressing your lawn out by mowing too short or mowing in the middle of the day the happier your lawn will be.
Another great way to relax your lawn is using a soil conditioner like Seasol. This gives a much needed boost to your lawn at times of stress (or any other time). You can also get Seasol with a wetting agent , this is perfect for extreme weather lawn care both preparing your lawn to better take on water and giving it a good feed as well. Avoid using Seasol in the heat of the day for best results.

A little TLC will get your lawn through the extreme weather looking fantastic, or if you didn’t get a chance to prepare properly will help it bounce back. And in the warm weather remember, if you are thirsty so is your lawn!

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