Turf Tips: Does my lawn pH level matter?

Lawn pH level can have a big impact on the health of your lawn. If the PH level of the soil your lawn lives in falls outside the recommended range its ability to take up nutrients and moisture are limited. This will lead to an unhealthy lawn no matter how much you water or fertilise. This week we look at what your pH level should be, as well as how to test and correct your lawn pH level.

What should my pH level be?

The lawn pH level indicates how acid or alkaline your lawns soil is. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14. Lower numbers are acidic and higher numbers are alkaline, with a pH level of 6-7 considered neutral.

While lawns will tolerate a wide range of soil pH, there is a band of pH that is optimal for lawn health. For the healthiest lawn your lawn pH level should be between 5.5 and 7.

How do I test my pH level

There are two very simple pH test options available from your local Bunnings store. The easiest to use is the Soil pH Meter. Simply insert the probe into your soil and the meter will give a reading of your lawn pH level.

For those that want a more hands on approach you can use a Soil pH test kit. These highly accurate kits work by mixing indicator liquids with your soil. Simply carefully follow the instructions that come with your particular kit and test the result colour against the chart.

Correcting my pH level

Australian soils are most commonly acidic, and need to have their pH level raised to the optimal pH level. If your lawn pH level is below 6 you can bring it up with garden lime. Simply spread the lime on your lawn and aerate in or water in very well.

Though less common your soil could also be too alkaline, and need to have its pH level reduced. To reduce your lawn pH level you will need a sulfur product like Manutec Fine Granule Sulphur. Simply follow the application rates on the packaging and again aerate or water in well.

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