Turf Tips: Buying turf in warm weather

Turf Tips: Buying turf in warm weather


Buying turf in warm weather 

When considering buying turf during warm weather, it's an opportune time for rapid lawn establishment. However, managing the potential challenges that heat brings is crucial for a healthy lawn. Here are essential tips for a successful turf installation during warm weather conditions.

Optimal Timing for Turf Installation

Timing is critical. Plan the preparation in advance to minimize delays. Direct delivery from the farm ensures the turf reaches your yard swiftly. Lay the turf promptly upon arrival to take advantage of the warm weather for quick rooting.

Swift Installation and Immediate Watering

Once the turf arrives, expedite the installation process. Ensure the preparation is complete, so you can immediately lay the turf. Immediate watering within 15 minutes of installation is essential. Thoroughly soak each slab and use a water-filled roller for better soil contact and moisture retention. 

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Increased Watering Schedule for Warm Weather

Warm weather accelerates moisture evaporation. Follow a scheduled watering plan for the initial weeks post-installation, gradually reducing frequency as the lawn establishes. Adjust watering based on local conditions.

Expert Guidance and Contact Information

For tailored advice on buying turf in warm weather, reach out to our sales team at (07) 3114 8281 or visit our sales office. We're located at 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge, open Monday to Thursday 7am to 5pm Friday 7am to 4pm and Saturday from 7am to 12pm.


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