Turf Tips: Australian conditions need an Australian Lawn

A land of drought and flood, Australia can be a tough climate. For tough Australian conditions, you really need a tough Australian lawn.

The wrong turf variety can lead to higher maintenance costs or even require the whole lawn to be replaced. Not every turf variety can handle our sometimes brutal conditions.
Before you gather your family for a backyard BBQ, you really want to make sure your lawn is tip-top.

Australian Born and bred

The perfect Australian born and bred turf is Sir Walter DNA Certified. It was developed in the Hunter region of NSW 20 years ago. Sir Walter was cultivated as a tough turf, perfect for the harsh Australian environment.

It was developed specifically with the Australian climate and lifestyle in mind, making it the perfect Australian lawn variety.

What makes it a great Australian lawn?

Over the years Sir Walter has shrugged off challenges that would have seen the end of other varieties. It has handled extreme water restrictions, increased shade from smaller blocks with bigger houses, fungus, insects, lawn grubs and weeds.

Its wide leaf allows it to thrive in situations where tradition couch just can’t get enough sun. While its root structure allows it to out-compete weeds better than most turf varieties. And with the rising cost of water, its ability to handle drought conditions and stay green throughout the year really make it stand out as a superior Australian lawn.

The shrinking Australian lawn

One of the toughest factors facing modern Australian lawns is shade. Since the 70’s Australian lawns have been shrinking as both house blocks became smaller and houses became bigger. These changes restrict the amount of direct sunlight a lawn gets.

While traditional couch needs 6 hours or more of direct sunlight every day, Sir Walter DNA Certified can survive with as little as 3 hours direct sunlight. This makes Sir Walter ‘fit for purpose’ for many of the smaller Australian lawns.

DNA Certified

Success breeds copycats, and there have been many attempts to trade off the good name of Sir Walter over the years. To combat this, Lawn Solutions Australia commenced a DNA testing process in 2015. This ensures the Sir Walter DNA Certified turf sold by LSA members is the genuine, high quality product Australian’s know and trust.

The test of time

Since 1997 over 60 million metres of Sir Walter DNA Certified have been sold Australia wide. That equates to over 450,000 homes, no other lawn variety stacks up!

Sir Walter has proven again & again to be the best performing Australian lawn for the harsh Australian conditions. It has thrived in the cool tablelands, the dry west and even the tropical north. No other lawn combines the comprehensive range of attributes in one low maintenance variety.

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