Turf Tips: 5 Tips for better lawn edges

Better lawn edges are the final missing piece of the puzzle for many lawn lovers. While they have done their research and have their mowing technique down pat, sometimes their edging is less than optimal. Here are 5 quick tips to help you get better lawn edges on your own lawn!

1. Choose your weapon

With so many options in the marketplace, many people get confused about the best line trimmer for better lawn edges. From corded to battery to petrol there are options galore at your local Bunnings or mower shop. Each variety has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The corded line trimmers are convenient for small areas but lack the grunt required to get the best results. With the advances in battery technology cordless line trimmers have come a long way and are a better option for smaller areas. While still lacking the power for the best results, they can be quite effective.

The best option for better lawn edges is a petrol line trimmer. Perfect for areas of all sizes, especially the larger areas, a good quality petrol line trimmer has the grunt you need for the best results and comes in a variety of price points.

2. Go fast, or go home

The speed of your line trimmer is vital for better lawn edges. This is one of the reasons the petrol trimmers are still king over battery powered and corded trimmers.

No matter which type of trimmer you have, ensuring you are at full throttle while trimming the edges will give you the best results. Fast line speed gives you the quickest and cleanest cuts. Bring the speed of your line up before you swing in to trim the edges to get the best results.

3. Need directions?

The direction of rotation of your trimmer is also very important better lawn edges. You want the line to be slicing through the grass and then spinning away from the grass to eject the cut material. This ensures you keep the cutting path clear and allows for the best results.

So if your trimmer line spins in a clockwise direction, you will want the left side of the trimmer closer to the edge. This will ensure the trimmed grass is ejected away from the trimmer.

4. Edging vs tapering

Different areas require a different technique for better lawn edges. For driveways and paths, you want to use the edging technique, with the trimmer held so the line is vertical. This will cut the grass with a crisp edge where you want the grass to end.

Where you have fences or retaining walls you need to modify your technique. Here you should hold the trimmer so that the string is at a slight angle. This will allow you trim parallel and give you a nice gradual blend between the fence/retaining wall and your grass.

How To Cut Lawn Edges: A Guide To The Perfect Edge

5. Trimming on the regular

Just like your own haircut, the final tip for better lawn edges is ensuring you trim them regularly. By staying on top of your edges and not letting them get out of control they will be far easier to maintain.

The more often you trim your lawn edges the neater they will remain. This means you are just tidying up the edges, not taming wild scrub every time you get out your trimmer.

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