Turf Is A Great Option

Something to consider when looking at a customer’s budget, be it a commercial project like a park or a homeowner looking for the perfect lawn, think more turf! In a world where too many schools and new homes are surfaced with concrete all green space becomes important. Studies have shown that the use of concrete is more expensive, both short and long term as well as less beneficial to our health. More recent studies conducted in the U.S and Australia have focused on the benefits derived from turfgrass and parks on such things as mental health, general well being and crime.

Why the benefits of parks understood by early landscape designers and park engineers have been overlooked is a mystery. Yet, research on the benefits of nature carried out over the last two decades is indicating in fact, they may have been right. Amongst other evidence, data so far has shown that “green nature” can reduce crime (Kuo, 2001), foster psychological wellbeing (Kaplan and Kaplan, 1989; Kaplan, 1992a), reduce stress (Ulrich et al., 1991b; Parsons, 1991), boost immunity (Rohde and Kendle, 1994; Parsons et al., 1998, enhance productivity (Tennessen and Cimprich, 1995), promote healing in psychiatric and other patients (Beck et al., 1986; Katcher and Beck, 1983), and is most likely essential for human development and long term health and well being (Driver et al., 1996). Parks and contact with nature could have the most impact, particularly in terms of facilitating a more optimistic or positive attitude, enhancing social support (via improvements in social capital), reducing stress and tension, and by providing opportunities for physical exercise.”

Something else to think of when looking at turf is that on average a green lawn in the middle of summer is 10 degrees centigrade less than bare soil, 20 degrees less than concrete, asphalt or pebble mulch and 40 degrees less than artificial turf. Natural turf also provides your home with a natural barrier to brushfires, in addition, reduces noise, promotes erosion control, and improves not only your health but your home value as well, sometimes as much as 16%. Natural turf is just that, natural, and as such helps to reduce greenhouse gases as well.

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