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Treatment Of Fungal Diseases In Your Lawn

Fungal diseases can strike your lawn when the weather takes a turn. Damp and humid conditions can form these diseases in your lawn. When they take hold of your lawn it is important to identify and target them quickly.


Knowing the signs of a fungal related problem are important before they become more prevalent in your lawn. Signs include:

  • Yellow, white or brown coloured patches.
  • Thinned out areas of lawn.
  • Irregular discolouration of leaf blades.
  • Coatings or threads on grass blades.


Weather conditions can cause havoc on your lawn with fungal diseases becoming more prominent from:

  • Humidity.
  • Overwatering.
  • Compaction of soil.
  • Over fertilisation or using the wrong fertiliser.
  • Wrong grass variety for your space.
  • Poor mowing habits.


If fungal problems have overtaken your lawn, you will need to apply a fungicide.

Fungicide products such as:

are key to fighting this problem. As they are designed to inhibit the growth of fungi and its spores within the soil or plant.

Read the label of these products before use making sure to add the correct amount into your spray tank. Making sure the correct application rate is being applied whilst mixing well.

When applying to your lawn ensure that you get an even spread of application, avoiding overlapping.



A broad-spectrum fungicide, Heritage Maxx controls and prevents turf diseases including Anthracnose, Pythium, Spring Dead and Spot Brown Patch. Heritage Maxx provides consistent protection of new growth up to 28 days after an application. Apply after rain, heavy dews, humidity and moisture. Fungal diseases can be also linked with excess nitrogen.


Mancozeb DG is a dry flowable preventative fungicide for the control of fungal diseases such as Grey Leaf Spot, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.

Apply throughout susceptible Summer seasons such as October to March, but especially throughout January to March.

Any application of a fungicide should be considered when fungal disease has spread considerably before all other treatment options have not worked.



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