Top 3 Spring lawn care tips

Top 3 Spring lawn care tips

With the spring equinox on Sunday the 23rd of September real spring has arrived. So here are our top 3 spring lawn care tips to get your lawn looking its best.

Get ready for some growth?

With the warmer weather things are going to start happening in your lawn. Your lawn is going to wake up from its winter dormancy ready for some serious growth. To help it grow if you haven’t already fertilised you should definitely give your lawn a feed of some quality slow release fertiliser.

You also need to get ready for some serious mowing. Check your mower blades and make sure they are nice and sharp, and if you raised your mowing height for winter now is the time to start dropping it back down. You should also make sure you schedule a little extra time for mowing, that once a month winter mowing schedule won’t work in spring.

Break out the big guns

For those of your interested in serious lawn care and renovations, this is a very exciting time for you. All those big tasks you have been itching to get into can now be undertaken.

If you want to freshen up your lawn and get rid of some thatch now is the perfect time to start dethatching your lawn. The increase in growth activity means your lawn is more able to handle such heavy tasks.

Similarly now is a great time to top dress your lawn. This could be some washed sand to correctly your levels and fill in some low spots. It could also be an organic soil to spread over your lawn to bring in some fresh nutrients for your lawn.

The perfect time for a new lawn

The extra growth activity of spring also makes it the perfect time to replace your lawn or install a new lawn. With all the extra growth in the warmer weather your lawn will establish in a much shorter period during spring.

This means the lines between the slabs will knit together much quicker, and your new lawn will be ready for some serious action well before summer rolls around. Spring is a great time to install your lawn as you can get the work done before the days get to hot, and your new lawn will be well and truly established before the summer holidays arrive.

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