Three Ways To Reduce Wear On Your Lawn

3 Ways To Reduce Wear On Your Lawn

Is your lawn thinning in particular parts of the lawn? As we move into the cooler months, this is the time when wear becomes a problem. Though seasonal changes can be a prominent issue, we have some other great tips to reduce wear on your lawn.

#1 Reduce Pet Traffic In Troublesome Spots

If you have a pet that loves a particular spot in your backyard, and their foot traffic is prominent in that space. An easy way to divert their traffic is to make an obstacle. An easy obstacle to make is placing a pot plant or multiple around your problem area. Creating this will make sure that your pet doesn’t walk on this spot, and is an easy fix to reduce traffic.

An extra tip we have is if your pet loves digging up your yard. This is a sign that your pet is bored and possibly that they may want some attention. A way to stop them digging up your lawn is to buy some toys to keep them active and entertained. Or you can take them for a walk to keep them healthy and active on something different than your backyard.

#2 Season Change

The growth rate of your lawn will slow down in the upcoming cooler months, meaning your lawn will recover slower. So wear will have more of an impact on your new lawn. Due to a slight tilt on the earth’s axis. Growth in winter is particularly slow because your lawn does not get the same amount of sun as it would in summer.

During this season change it will be important to also change your mowing habits. With less leaf growth, you will not need to trim your lawn back as much as it would need to in summer (depending on conditions). If your front yard gets a lot of sun, you might want to keep it shorter. Though if your backyard gets less sun, you can keep it at a longer length to reduce wear and to make sure that it will grow.

#3 Clear Shady Areas

Are there particular shady spots in your yard? Your lawn thrives for sun, it is crucial to remove overhanging branches and leaves. Trimming back branches and clearing leaves from your lawn will give it some extra sun. Letting it thrive less for the sun and grow more.

We hope these tips will be helpful for the reduction of wear to your lawn. For more great turf, tips keep an eye on our website and all our social media channels.

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