Three signs your lawn needs water

Three signs your lawn needs water

Forget the complex turf tips and advice. This weeks turf tip is three signs to look out for to be able to tell if your lawn needs water, especially during the dry season.

Is your lawn looking yellow?

If you are like me and you sometimes miss the early warning signs (or worse see them and forget), then you might have a more drastic sign. If your lawn starts to get some yellow patches you should definitely get some water in fast. Yellow is also a sign your lawn needs some nutrients, so it might be a good idea to consider fertilising as well. But a good first step with your lawn not looking its best is to always get some water into it.

A lawn that is turning yellow from drying out will soon bounce back if you give it a deep water. Your lawn can be quite resilient, especially the more drought tolerant varieties like Sir Walter and TifTuf. So if you take a long holiday, or maybe just forget all about turning on the sprinkler and your lawn turns yellow the trick is to, water, water and more water.

Is your Sir Walter looking thin?

If you have a Sir Walter or buffalo lawn the big sign your lawn needs water is the blade starts to thin out. If your Sir Walter lawn is starting to look like a couch lawn it’s a pretty good sign you need pump the water in. If your Sir Walter is looking thin all it needs is a little water to get back to looking its best. If your Sir Walter is well watered it will keep its nice broad leaf shape. In the warm weather remember, if you are thirsty so is your lawn!

Is your couch grass looking silver?

For couch grass the big sign your lawn needs water is if it starts to look silver. With the blade already thin it can’t get thinner so the best sign your couch grass needs a drink is it gets a silver sheen. Now it won’t go as silver as your jewellery, it will be more of a silver tinge to the leaf. So if your couch lawn has a silver sheen or tinge to it give it a nice big drink to help it get back to full health.

If in doubt in the answer is always the same: water, water, water. And don’t just give the leaf a splash, it is always best to give a deep watering once a week. Many turf varieties will survive with less, but without significant rain events a good deep water every week will keep your lawn in its best condition.

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