The right grass for your lawn

The right grass for your lawn

With so many options in the market place finding the right grass for your lawn can be difficult. Here is a quick guide to break down some of the simple benefits of our premium grass varieties.

Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange Zoysia

As you may have seen in our advertising Sir Grange Zoysia is your chance to bring the golf course home. This luxury grass has graced some of the highest profile courses around the world including Tiger Woods’ course Bluejack National. Now you can have the same grass in your backyard.

All of the attributes that make Sir Grange a favourite with golf course superintendents also make it perfect for home lawns. Its slow growth rate means less mowing and far lower fertiliser and water requirements. Studies have shown it to use 75% less fertiliser than other common turf varieties. And last but not least Sir Grange’s shade tolerance has made it an on course favourite, growing lush and green right up to the base of trees. Perfect for modern shaded backyards.

BEST FOR: Low maintenance, shaded areas, luxury golf course look

TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda has the look of a couch grass, but with the performance of a sports turf. Specifically bred for low water usage, TifTuf is perfect for water restrictions, using 38% less water than other varieties it is perfect for Australian lawns.

Water usage isn’t its only strength with incredible winter colour a very welcome attribute when most lawns turn yellow in the cooler months. While not as shade tolerant as Sir Walter or Sir Grange it does have some moderate shade tolerance making it a very versatile lawn grass.

BEST FOR: Low water usage, moderate shade, winter colour

Sir Walter DNA Certified

Sir Walter

With over 60 million metres sold in Australia, there aren’t any bigger names when it comes to turf grass than Sir Walter DNA Certified. With its broadleaf Sir Walter excels in the shade and has proven time and time again to be Australia’s number 1 buffalo grass, and most popular grass brand.

So great is the success of Sir Walter that a stringent DNA testing program had to be instigated to ward off copycats and inferior products attempting to trade as Sir Walter. Always look for the ‘Original Breeder Guaranteed’ or ‘DNA Certified’ logo to ensure you are getting the genuine product.

BEST FOR: Shaded areas, high traffic areas

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